Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition…?

A friend made me aware of this the other day:

An Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate? I am intrigued.

Baldur’s Gate 2 was the first RPG that I ever played. We’d had an Amega game system at home and I’d played a few computer games when I was younger, but this is the first one that got me hooked on both computer RPGs and table top RPGs.  The big epic story line and the fun of playing is the reason I adore many of the Black Isle/Interplay/Bioware games and the use of AD&D 2nd was interesting enough to make me want to try table tope roleplaying for the first time. And while I have never played table top AD&D and now don’t care for D&D (prefer White Wolf Games like Exalted) it was the starting point.

So an Enhanced Edition?

What are they going to do with the graphics? Are they simply going to update them in the same why that I believe they have done with Halo Anniversary Edition and Beyond Good and Evil? Or change the engine entirely? Hubby reckons they’ll do something to link 1 and 2 better. (Like what Tutu did) which makes sense.

I wonder whether they’ll do things like finish off the Hear’Dalis romance? Please can us girls get more than just Anomen?! I mean in a way he wasn’t so bad *flees from all who loath him* but we need some choice! Perhaps this is what they mean by additional content.

Hubby also wonders if they’ll stick with AD&D 2nd ed for the system, as he says it doesn’t make any sense to use it seeing as its been a long time since it was used. He thinks they might use BG to showcase 5th edition. And in a way I’m not that bothered by what they use as it shouldn’t really have an impact on the actual story. He suggested that they might do something to say add races like Dragon Born in, and then we both pulled a face as we both felt that might be too much of a change from the story. I have nothing against Dragon Born but they didn’t exist in that variant of Forgotten Realms it would seem very odd to try and fit them in. Hopefully they will stick with the existing script and quests perhaps add some more quests/romance options and then leave it at that.

This is why for the moment I am simply intrigued, I don’t know whether I should be excited yet or not. Seeing as the website has gone off then I suspect they have possibly been working on a few things in secret for a while now but I guess we’ll see.


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One response to “Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition…?

  1. They are going to keep the game running on AD&D rules.
    You are right about joining BG 1 and 2 better.
    I also hope for a new romanceable character for the women in addition to Anomen…

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