London 2012 – Taekwondo

The one event I got tickets for at 2012 was the preliminary rounds for the Taekwondo, the Mens -68kg and the womens -57kg.  To be fair, the only other tickets I went for were Archery and the Opening/Closing ceremony (of course I never expected to get those). I only went for the preliminary Taekwondo tickets because I figured I’d have a chance of getting those and I wanted to see something at the Olympics. I’m a Londoner born and bred (even if people don’t believe that because of my accent)  and there was no way I was going to miss this.   (Oh how I wish I’d gone for more tickets! I’ve absolutely LOVED the last 2 weeks I am feeling a little fatigued now, but it has been excellente!0

On Thursday 9th me and hubby got up at stupid O’Clock to get to the ExCel centre in time for the 9am start time. In hindsight we probably didn’t need to get up at 5am, but I hate being late for things and I really wanted to make sure we got there in time! We left the house 6.15am in glorious sunshine, and an hour and 15 mins later we arrived at the ExCel centre.

Being so early we breezed through security and meandered our way inside.

While we waited to get to our seats (the doors opened at 8am) we consumed rather overpriced bacon rolls, (Although they were pretty damned tasty!) and got our photo taken with a torch.  We then headed to our seats – right at the back!!

At 8.30 we were given a wonderful demonstration by the World Taekwondo Federation, a mock fight (very well choreographed!) and elaborate set ups to kick piece of wood. (On occasion they were cards.)

At one point they had set it up so that one of them was blindfolded and they had bells to tell him where to go to kick the cards. And he did it. TWICE.

And then it was on with the competition. (I took so many pictures here that its been very hard to know what to include! And in fact I’m going to cut this post because this is rather picture heavy!) The whole event was fantastic! The skill shown by the athletes was amazing.

Were possible these photos are showing the final score for each match, the fights alternated between the female and the male competitors.

Chinese Taipei VS Thailand




Turkey VS USA – The Turkish guy ended up winning Gold, which was very well deserved he was really good!



Cuba Vs Lebanon


Ukraine VS New Zealand – I didn’t get a photo of the final score, but I know the Ukrainian ended up winning 10-6


Croatia VS Japan –


Persia Vs Serbia


And here – the woman who became our Olympic Champion! Jade Jones vs (?) I’m so glad & lucky that we got to see an event where a British Athlete ended up winning!




Mexico VS Great Britain


Egypt VS New Zealand – Unfortunately the New Zealander was outclassed in every way in this bout 😦


Jordan VS Nigeria



China VS France


Uzbekistan VS Brazil  – This fight was a draw at the last round and so it went into a 2 minute elimnation round, the first to get a point won.


Senegal VS Finland


Afghanistan VS Poland


USA VS China


Central African Republic VS Islamic Republic of Islam

And so just after 1pm we left the arena. The only downside to the day was the fact that the seats were really uncomfortable – my lower back and thighs were aching by the end of the day. Leaving the ExCel centre was really easy, even with all the events going on ending at the same time.  (And I had a laugh when I saw that the queue for the men’s toilets was longer than the womens!)  It was all so very well organised and everyone was friendly and helpful.


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