Olympic Torch Relay

Yes ok I’m a little slow at posting this considering I saw this over a week ago at Alexandra Palace and we’re now almost half way through the Olympics.  Initially I was just going to line the street and watch the torch go past, however a friend of hubby’s was visiting the UK and her brother had actual got some tickets to event at the end of the day. Hubby wasn’t so interested in going, he’s not one for crowds. (We had a semi disastrous attempt at seeing the Queen’s Jubilee stuff – which I did mean to post and never got around to.) But I really wanted to be there, to be able to see it so I asked for one of the tickets. It was a very hot and sunny evening, which was really nice (although I was a little worried about getting sunburnt) and not that busy in the area where the torch relay was going to end. (Ticketing, they were free tickets, meant they could control the numbers, it was quite sensible.)  While we waited for the Torch to turn up we had some yummy (if expensive) ice cream and watched the entertainment provided.

I have to say this was probably the most corporate event I’ve ever been to. The opening acts were sponsored by Samsung, TSB and then Coke. The only advantage was that I did get free drinks, as Coke were handing out free bottles of cola ( I have kept one of the limited edition bottles as I feel it could make a nice little flower pot.)

I will confess to not wearing the most sensible shoes (heeled sandals) I can walk in them fine, however standing in them for 2 hours and then walking for 1 hour and 20 minutes home…. yeah….. they hurt. A LOT. It was however a very nice walk through several woods, but still not good footwear.

Because this is going to be rather photo heavy I’m going to have to trim it, I just want to say that since the games have started I have been loving EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

In fact I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t try and go for more tickets, I do actually enjoy watching the rowing and I should have tried for the cycling/swimming that would have been good to! But I shall console myself with having quite a few events to go to for the Paralympics which will be just as awesome! 😀

Opening music from the Stainless Steel band that is I believe composed of students from various schools in the area. (also all these photos look quite washed out – not sure if its my camera or because of the sun)


I’m not sure who the presenter is? Probably famous but I’ve no idea – whoops!


So – I’ve no idea who two two guys are, I mentioned it at work that they are ‘Twist & Pulse’ and got a very surprised ‘But they were second in Britains Got Talent’… (At least I think it was that programme.) To which I just shrugged I’ve never watched that, and to be honest I really wasn’t impressed with them. It was AWFUL. I mean the dance routine was alirght, (and the slowmo chariots of fire bit was entertaining) but it was some weird mix of music.






Then on to TSB, which was much more entertaining! Full of acrobatics!




Sorry its a terrible picture! Very hard when the sun is so low in the sky. This was Coke. Someone who I think was called Essie. He had a good voice, but it was R’n’B which really isn’t my kind of music.



Then finally the main event! A short speech by the mayor of Haringey.


I couldn’t get a good shot of Daley Thompson coming up to the stage so this was the best I could do.



And then the event we were all here to see.






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