Right time to give this about page an update!

So to start with where did I get the name Kaitharshayr from? Its  actually an elvish name, Kaithar meaning dragon friend, and I must confess I’ve fogotten what Shayr means and I doubt I’d now be able to find the site I used to create the name.

So who am I?

I’m in my 20s, and have two degrees, one in Msci Astrophysics and Comp Sci and an MSc in Database systems.

I enjoy Roleplaying, my two favourite systems being Dark Heresy (and therefore Rogue Trader and all the other related games) which is based on Games Workshop table top game of Warhammer 40k. Very dark, oppressive and a little bit silly in places.  I also love Exalted and have been in the same Exalted campaign for the last 2 years, its an epic campaign where we need to defeat a big bad. A lot of fun. I  love to knit (if you haven’t guessed that already). I’m an avid reader and have a tendency to devour a lot of sci-fi & fantasy books (GRRM, Abercrombie) as well as enjoy tv shows in a similar vain (Supernatural, Buffy, GoT) I also play computer/console games (Mass Effect)

Yes I will admit to being a Geek, and proud of it thank you.

I used to volunteer for Librivox, and I’d like to thank the people below for your kind comments about my recordings. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them. I do keep thinking I should go back to doing some more but I really don’t think I have the time.

For those with a question about my accent for Librivox, then its, well I guess its a sort of posh London accent. (Although its not how I normally speak, I tend to be a bit more cockney there, I just try to enunciate and speak clearer for LV stuff. 🙂 )


32 responses to “About

  1. John

    I listened to your reading of “Alexander the Great” — you did a fantastic job. Thanks!

  2. I, too, listened to your reading of Alexander- thanks for a great job!

    Fr. Zeile, Detroit, Michigan

  3. Beautiful voice you have, I’m listening to my first Dickens novel (A Child’s History of England) courtesy of you and LibriVox. It has a soothing and mystical quality to it that goes beyond the usual interest usually communicated through that accent alone, thank you.

  4. daniel

    I like your voice too! you did a great job.
    I’m not a native English speaker and I wish I could know where you are from(I mean in which city you got your accent, mildly British but not so strong as in others). I listen to your recordings mostly to improve my English so you would do me a great favor telling me the city or at least the part of England with such an accent. Thanks, Daniel.

  5. Mark Schwartz

    I am spell-bound with your reading of Gulliver’s Travels… I just had to look you up to thank you for your lovely reading style. You’re a marvelous story-teller !!! Yours is almost a sing-song style that captivates your listeners. My best regards always, Mark

  6. I’ve just listened to The Princess and the Goblin and enjoyed it immensely. Well done!

  7. Leroy

    I very much enjoyed your reading of Alexander. In fact, I have listened to the whole audio book several times. Thanks, Leroy

  8. Alan Crudden

    I’m a relative newcomer to Librivox and your works were among those I first listened to there. I not only enjoy your accent, but also the fact that your pace in reading seems most natural and engaging.

    I was a bit surprised to read here of your varied interests and so much accomplished at age 23! (I adjunct teach at a local community college and tell my students that I’ve done everything from dig sewage systems to get in the space shuttle simulator with the astronauts.) As for being a “geek”, you’re in good company with me.

  9. Edward E. Gardner

    I recently listened to your Librivox recordings “The Princess and the Goblin” and “The Princess and Curdie”. Brilliant!! I must compliment you, you were dead on what I felt it should sound like. I plan to search for more that were recorded by you. (Is it possible to fall in love with a voice?) Thank you for the recordings!

  10. Amy A

    You are my favorite Librivox reader. I wish you would record more! I particularly enjoyed your readings in A Child’s History of England and William the Conqueror. Right now I’m listening to The Iliad for Boys and Girls. Keep it up! Your voice and inflection have a very soothing quality, and your accent is so crisp. Thanks for volunteering!

  11. Prentice Slaten

    Hello, Lizzie,
    I am working my way through The Talisman, listening and reading. The reader is all-important and you have done a very nice job, thank you. This is the second book I’ve listened to on Librivox. I now have two readers to look for, you and Andy Minter.
    Prentice Slaten
    Venice, California

  12. “A Child´s History of England” is how we met. In fact, how I came across that peculiar accent of yours, hidden amidst a voice remarkably sound. Done with Chapter I, and the mean spaghetti-Romans! Looking forward to our next encounter.

  13. Norman Sandey

    Thank you for giving pleasure to an old man.
    I am 76 years old and have Menieries disease which means I can no longer read without getting dizzy.
    I love your delightful reading voice.
    At present I am reading (listening to) Water Scotts – Talisman.

    What puzzles me is why you use the name Lizzie Driver? – or is that your real name?

    Thank you again.

  14. Thank you very much for volunteering to read for Libravox.

    I think you have a delightful reading voice.

    I have been wondering where you were from and what age you were,..
    my son suggested I Google you – so now I have the answer to my questions.

    I am an old man of 76 years of age. I have Meniers Disease which means thatI can no longer read ( which I loved) because I makes me very dizzy.

    Volulenteers like you gives me a much better quality of life. and in my opinion you are the best reader of them all.
    So thank you once again.

  15. You really raised the bar for all the readers who followed you on Morte D’Artur! http://ff.im/c1KUj

  16. Kurt French

    My girls really enjoyed your reading of The Iliad for Boys and Girls. Thank you!

  17. Martin

    I am listening to “The Clue Of The Twisted Candle”.
    And just had to tell you how wonderful you have read it.
    You have a lovely voice.
    I am a student and would like to to improve my english a little.
    Listen to you is a really nice way to do this.

    Thank you! 🙂

  18. Vincent W.

    I am listening to “Gulliver’s Travels”.

    I’d like to thank you for your great job. It has been a pleasure listening to your audio book.

    And guess what, I’m also a CS student, but at University of Waterloo 🙂

  19. Will

    Howdy! I’m listening to your reading of Gulliver’s Travels and I had to find some way to tell you how awesome you are. It’s great to listen to a classic AND have it read by someone who does it so well. Thanks for volunteering your time to read it.

  20. Thanks for recording Alexander the great. I listened to it on my way to/from San Francisco by plane. It was my first audio book. Keep doing great things!

  21. Kate

    You have such excellent style and grace when reading aloud for LibriVox I was convinced you must have trained as an actress. It seems instead you are a very intelligent person doing your best to make people happy through your work as a volunteer. Cheers to you for applying your gifts to make other people happy. I hope you continue to read for LibriVox.

  22. Mac

    I’d like to echo what Kate said. My wife and I listened to The Princess and the Goblin on a long drive this weekend, and I was enchanted not only by the book but by the reading. It seemed perfect for the book. I thought you might not be a professional actress, but someone with at least some training in that line. As often happens with a well-done recording, I would now feel something was missing if I read the book. Thank you very much for all the work you put into these, and I’m very glad to see you’ve also done The Princess and Curdie.

    As for the accent: I thought I was hearing a bit of Scots, not that I have much experience of it (I’m in the U.S.) No?

  23. Wonderful recording of Gulliver’s Travels. Magnificent, really. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  24. Alexander

    Wow! You have an amazing voice, from the start of chapter 14 of The Count of Monte Cristo I was captivated by it. It is enthralling. Thank you!

  25. telemachus

    You didn’t do too bad a job with Shackleton 🙂 Have fun knitting mate.
    Telemachus (a merchant seaman)

  26. Klaus

    Yesterday was a horrible day. I had to do something no person should have to do. On top of that, I was quite sick. I generally have trouble falling asleep and a stuffy nose and persistent cough didn’t help things.
    To fight my insomnia, I listen to audio books. I feel that it helps me fall asleep. After just having finished one book, I selected the Count of Monte Cristo (it is better when I know the story really well because then suspense won’t keep me up). I turned off the light and selected Chapter 14 (my day had been so bad that I didn’t want to hear about intrigue. I wanted to hear about about how Edmond Dantès was given new hope by Abbé Faria).
    I hit play and, for some reason, hearing your voice with that lovely accent brought a big smile to my face. I realized that, holed up by myself and sick, I probably had not smiled like that all day.
    Now, I believe that a day without laughter or a smile is a wasted day, so I just wanted to thank you for not letting this day be a waste.

  27. jessel

    you have a peaceful and soothing voice. you turned my frown into a smile thanks…

  28. Tim

    I just finished the princess and the goblin and the princess and Curdy with my nephew. It was a very enjoyable experience for us. You’re an excellent reader. I know you’ve move on from Librivox but if you ever choose to read another book might I be so bold as to suggest the rose and the ring by William Thackeray.
    I’d like to try my hand at reading even though I have a rough Yankee accent. Could you tell me what gear you used in your recordings?
    Thanks for the great readings
    Tim Page

    • kaitharshayr

      Thanks, I would love to do more Librivox stuff – just currently don’t have the time to do it unfortunately. 😦 I will keep the book in mind though. 🙂

      For recording I used Audacity and a Logitech USB microphone. The trick is getting the microphone at the right distance. 🙂

  29. Domagoj

    Thank you for your reading of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. It was very good.

  30. Steve

    Your voice is #1, the best! I could listen to you continuously.

  31. Alex Ulrich

    I am half way thru Shackleton’s “South”, and a long time Libervox subscriber. Your wonderful reading makes the 2 hour drive to/from work so much more bareable. My wife is from Hartfordshire U.K. and I absolutely adore your and her accents. (I have dragged her to central Illinois, U.S.)
    I can almost feel Shackletons pain as his ship is crushed by the ice flow. You have a phenominal talent, and a true gift. Thank you.

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