Blood Angels: Storm Raven Tail Decision

I am nearly done with my Storm Raven finally! Its only taken me several months, hubby keeps reminding me that tanks are pretty quick to paint. But when you start to get pains in your neck and shoulders then it’s really awkward to spend much time painting. (Actually the pain is worse with the tank than an individual model because the pieces are bigger and more awkward to hold.)  Sometimes I sit down to paint and manage maybe 30 mins before I know its just a bad idea. But what can I do? Just have to keep on with my physio.

Anyway I am trying to decide how to finish off the tail of my Storm Raven. As you may be able to tell from the pictures below then my Storm Raven is all set up to drop my Death Company into combat. (hehehe and oh look what’s that? I have a Death Company Dreadnought too? Why yes I am chuckling with glee.)

So onto the question: How should I paint the cross on to the tail?

Do I go with Option A (the first image) or Option B (the second one)?


Looking at that I think I prefer A….



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