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Whats that? Knitting?

Oh would you look at that I’ve finally a) finished some knitting and b) taken photos of things I have knitted

First up:

que sera1

Project: Que Sera

Needles: 5mm

YarnRowan Milk Cotton DK

I’ve had most of this knitted for ages, I did have to re-do the sleeves twice as the first time I made them they weren’t wide enough. The reason it’s sat around for so long is that I had to sew the sleeves together and attach to the body. I did one and then for some reason put it aside and then forgot all about it. Until I finally went and got some buttons and finished the sewing. Think it came out quite well, I’m looking forward to being able to wear it once the weather again gets a bit warmer. 🙂

Project: Veyla

Needles: 3.5mm

Yarn: JC Rennie

Not the best of pictures because you can’t see the buttons, but it’ll do. I haven’t actually blocked these (naughty) but I love them, I feel quite elegant in them.

Project: Ishbel

Needles: 4mm

Yarn: Ripples Crafts BFL 4ply

Er I won’t lie I totally finished this LAST JANUARY. I just haven’t taken a photo of it until now. >_<


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Knitting: Trousseau

Shawl - Trousseau

Pattern Trousseau 

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk

I can finally blog about this seeing as the person I made it for has been given it. 🙂 This was a really fun knit, I was a little nervous about it when I started because the pattern was so simple (its a very simple repeat) I was sure I would end up missing yarn overs or something, and I did initially at the start, though I managed to find out where I’d missed them. Once I got going though it was much easier. Very fun to knit. 🙂
Blocking was a bit of an issue – there wasn’t the floor space to spread it out properly so I had to fold it in half, this also made it easier to make sure I’d matched the edges together on both sides, so that its somewhat symmetrical. Its funny this makes it look even smaller than it actually is.

Shawl - Trousseau Blocking

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5k and knitting class

So last weekend I ran my first ever 5k (adidas 5k), I was a little nervous about running it because I didn’t think I’d really done enough training.  I do a lap around my local park which I think may be just over 3k and I can’t actually jog all the way around, I have to pause and walk for short stints, I blame the hills, so I hadn’t even done a 5k in training. Although when I looked at the information I’d been sent, that suggested that in the last week before the run you should run non-stop for just 15 minutes, and my lap around the park took longer.  So I was unsure how it would go.

Because there were so many people running, they had a staggered start, with those who were going to run the slowest started at the back. I placed myself in the 30-35 section, as I figured I wasn’t going to go faster than 30, but I didn’t really want to start any further back, even if I thought it might take me longer. The race was due to start at 11am, but I didn’t actually start till 11.15am, and then, the first 2k in particular it was a matter of trying to navigate my way through people, lots of people, and even though anyone walking was supposed to be on the right, to allow runners to pass on the left, it didn’t really work that way.

Still I managed to jog the first 2k fine, and then 3k (it was about 21mins by this point) then I reached 4k and I still felt pretty ok, and then the finish! I didn’t quite manage a sprint finish, but I did pick up pace. 😀

34 minutes and 20 seconds. ^_^ jogging all the way around

I am pretty damn happy with that, I’d hoped I could do it in that sort of time, but I’d thought it would perhaps take me more than 40 mins! I actually enjoyed it somewhat, I just hated training for it. But I think the reason I made it all the way around? Hills. Hyde park is pretty flat and as I said my local park has hills.

Still next time I’ll have to train harder and try and beat my time!


This weekend I also had a knitting class at Loop, given by the very lovely Ysolda Teague, who is one of my fave knitting designers. She has recently had a book published called Little Red in the City, which not only has some very lovely knitting patters, but has quite a lot of information about how to make sure that the jumpers and cardigans that you knit actually FIT. So her class was basically covering a lot of this.

There was one amusing point where, while we (there were 8 of us in the class) were trying the tops from the book on to see what suited and what we need to do to get them fit, where she asked me where I was from. Now I’ve become accustomed recently to people asking this because they can’t place my accent and seem to assume I’m Australian*. So I’ve started to tell people to guess when they ask where I’m from, because I find it amusing to see what they’ll say. But she, to my surprise asked me if I had family from the North of England, and that she didn’t ask due to my accent, but because she’d found, while doing talks/classes up there that woman in those parts tended to have smaller shoulders, and did I find that straps for things fall of my shoulders a lot. To which I replied yes my dad was from Sheffield, and that yes straps are always falling off my shoulders. And actually there’s a few things I’ve knitted where I’ve had to crochet around the edges to reinforce them so that they don’t constantly fall of my shoulders.  My lyttelton is a prime example of this.

This may well be due to me having to knit larger sizes for my bust, but hopefully I can knit a smaller size and then put in darts to make it fit. I shall see how it goes. But at least I have a slightly better idea of the alterations I will need to make for my garments now.. perhaps I can have a few more tops that will fit.

It was a very enjoyable class, which included tea, cake and biscuits. 🙂  I also bought some very nice yarn in order to make one of the cardigans from the book, but I completely forgot to take a photo, it was a nice day too! Maybe next time. It’s a very lovely purpleish colour, I was originally intending to get a more grey/brown colour but there a) weren’t enough skeins and b) I think this may be a much nicer colour anyway. I haven’t even wound a skein yet though, got one cardigan I must finish (annoyingly have to re-knit one of the arms because it is too long and too tight) and a jumper that I’ve been meaning to start for ages.

*I’m not Australian, I’ve lived my entire life in London, but having lived with a Kiwi for 3 years I think something has rubbed off, giving my accent a bit of a lilt at times. But it has been hysterical telling people I’m English and having them go ‘no, no you can’t be, you sound Australian, its simply not possible for you to be English.’

Side note: I’ve yet to have anyone say I sound Kiwi.. I don’t know if that’s because Australia is simply the first place they think of (probably) or if mixing a London accent with Kiwi makes something more Oz sounding?!? Who knows!

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Wow it’s been quite a while since I’ve actually done a knitting update! In fact I’ve just been doing a mass update on Ravelry, because I haven’t really been paying attention to it for.. a year now? Quite a few projects that I had listed as in progress are actually finished. (In fact I had updated some as 100% but not as finished yet, because I hadn’t gotten around to taking photo’s, I have FINALLY done that!)

Now let me just say ahead that I’m not happy with some of these photos. 1) I need to find a new pose when doing tops. maybe just have my arms straight, I don’t think hands on hips work. and 2) need to get hubby to not have the camera so zoomed in, I mean its not awful just means I don’t have much to work with when I’m editing the picture….

So here goes:

Vivian3 Vivian1

Pattern: Vivian by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Louet Riverstone Chunky

Took me a long time to sew the zip on once I’d actually finished knitting it, I finally did that back in December, only now taking photos! For the most part I really love how this came out. I just wish I’d read someones note about how they added more stitches to the arms to make them a bit wider, as their actually quite tight. So can’t easily wear this over other clothes.

BackwardCablepullover5 BackwardCablepullover4 BackwardCablepullover3

Pattern: Backward Cable Pullover by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Rowan RYC Silk Wool DK

I don’t like how this came out, ok so the back looks great, but the front? I don’t think the cabling at the front works, I wonder if I put a belt with it that might make it look a little better?   Not quite sure about the neckline either…

LIlly2 LIlly1

Pattern: Lilly by Marnie MacLean
Yarn: Colourmart 100% Extra Fine Merino

  I’m pretty sure I did post that I’d finished this, I just never got around to taking photo’s of this with me wearing it. I actually really like this top, and it’s light weight.  I’m quite a fan of this yarn!


Pattern: Rick by Cookie A
Yarn: Fire Lizard Studios Sock Yarn

Quite fun to knit! Not sure the pattern quite goes with the yarn, but I still like them. 🙂 The colour is fab. My only issue is that on one of them I didn’t caste on loose enough so it’s actually tight around the leg and I can’t quite pull it up properly.

laminaria6 laminaria5 laminaria4

Pattern: Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman
Yarn: Don’t remember what I used!

I think this came out much better than the one I made for myself (this one is for my mum) the yarn is no where near as busy so you can actually see the stitch pattern.

And now I think I’m going to go and do some more knitting!

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Knitted Video

Saw this on someone else’s blog and I had to share, is it not awesome and very cute? It’s all knitted and its won an award. Enjoy.


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So much to do…

I have a lot of things to do at the moment, perhaps I need to work out a schedule to do it?

1. Finish writing the missing scenes from my NaNoWriMo novel so that I at least have a finished first draft that I can send to people to read.

2. Find people to read said novel

3. Finish the short story that I started writing on the day that I completed the 50k words for NaNo.

4. Make those Xmas decorations that I bought. (Preferably BEFORE Xmas >_<)

5. Sew on the Zip to a cardigan that I finished knitting MONTHS AGO. (Preferably soon as it’s cold!)

6. Finish my mum’s birthday present (that was back in August!)

7. Paint some more of my warhammer stuff!! (Not touched that since before October.)

8. Sort out my photos for blog posts I should have done for October and November.

(Noticing a pattern here?)

9. Purchase fabric to make the bag pattern that I bought ages ago. (And made a tester for which leads on to…)

10. Decorate said test bag that I made. (It’s all boring and beige.)

11. Finish Fable 3 >_< (I have stared both 1 and 2 and never actually finished them… lets not do the same with 3 now that I’m half way through it.)

12. Plug in my hard drive that has all our game saves on….. Cause I’d like to play more Dragon Age (also have to purchase and finish all the DLC and Awakenings before DA2!)

*sigh* I’m sure there is more….

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A purely knitting (well and crochet) related post. 🙂

So I have finished my VERY FIRST piece of Crochet,(Which I already blogged about here, just wanted to put up a couple more pictures) anyway here is the finished article (The first photo isn’t great, it’s really hard to take photo’s of yourself, also I could have picked a better time of day, it’s a bit to dingy in the mornings.)


Pattern: Phannie (I personally think it could have possibly been given a better name. Non Rav Link)

Hook: Size 4

Yarn: Colourmart Merino DK

And I have also completed my very first design! It’s not fab, and could probably do with a bit more work, but still I’m quite happy with it. I play a game called Exalted, and the characters in that get caste marks on their head that shows what kind of powerful being they are. And I thought, why can’t I make some kind of headpiece with said caste mark on.  And thus the Solar Hat of Glory was Born.

Initially I did a swatch (which turned out to be completely unhelpful as the size it came out meant that when I started the hat it was waaaaaay too big.) and then from that figured out the charting for the Solar Caste Marks. And then there was a lot of starting and ripping back as I tried to figure out the best number of stitches that meant a) the hat fit my head and b) I could fit the caste mark patterns on (all 5 of them.)  I’ve kind of managed to do it, but I think I could have done with about an inch more stitches. As it does fit my head but it stretches out the yarn a bit much and so that you can see the orange at the back of the black bits and the black at the back of the orange bits. Yes I know that you’re not really supposed to use such contrasting colours when doing colour work, but these are Solar Caste Marks, Solar’s are the Unconqured Sun’s Exalted and.. well Sunlight = Yellow/Orange!

I think if I ever did this again, then either I’d try inputting more stitches after the ribbing, or heck even use a DK weight yarn, that might work better. I just happened to have some black and orange Cascade lying around.

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So, way back in September (ok so not that long ago), I went away for the weekend and met up with some friends for a weekend of being crafty (and by that I mean painting Warhammer Models, Knitting, Drawing and making  Chainmail) and also visiting Brighton.

I decided to take what I’m knitting for my mum with me, however I knew that I would have to spend a little time winding the second skein of lace, I potentially wasn’t that bothered by this as there is ‘only’ 300m to it. (As opposed to the 1000m I had to wind once, and infact I have at least 2 skeins of lace that are over 1000m, I am NOT looking forward to that).  So I unwrapped the skein, so that would have a large loop of yarn and as I did so I thought ‘Hang on a minute this isn’t right’ It didn’t split in half easily. (If you’ve ever used a skein of yarn you’ll know what I mean.) As I put it across my knees and tried to start pulling one end of the yarn I got that sinking feeling. It was tangled, and tangled bad. And I had a bad horrific vision of this taking me the whole weekend to unravel. Which I really didnt want to do. But once you’ve started to deal with a tangled skein of yarn you can’t really put it down without it getting more tangled. (No matter how careful you are either, it’s just the law.)

However as I was with friends I did have to go out/go to sleep and thus I very very very carefully put it on the floor:

Tangled Lace

Yet somehow, by very very carefully not pulling on the yarn at random and thus knotting it, somehow I ended up with this:

Tangled Lace1

It didn’t take all weekend either! I managed to do some painting too. (Hmm should take some photo’s of that stuff at some point.)

So in between the wool winding and painting we went to Brighton. (Somehow ended up spending around 7 hours there…. not quite sure how.) It was also luckily quite a nice day!

Brighton 2010 04

Brighton 2010 05

We had a late lunch (which I think took about an hour and a half to eat). It only took so long because one of my friends really cannot deal with any spice whatsoever. She ordered a calzone, and did ask what was in it, unfortunately none of us twigged that when the waitress said ‘Sausage’ that, because it’s an Italian restaurant, what she actually meant was ‘Pepperoni’.  It was all all right in the end, the staff replaced the calzone with another one that had tomato, cheese and spinach in it.

And then we had dessert

Brighton 2010 12

Actually you can’t really tell quite how big the profita rolls are. (Have I spelt that right? ) I’ve never seen such large ones, I couldn’t eat it all.

And so to end the day (watching Aang The Last Airbender the CARTOON which is AWESOME btw) we had cocktails. This one was by fair the prettiest. 🙂

Brighton 2010 18

This is also the trip where I left the booker prize book in my friends car, but as I posted before I got it back and have now completed them all. 🙂


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Tube Strike and Knitting

So today it was round 2 of me Vs the Tube strike, (if you read this blog you may remember that it took me 2 hours to get in last time). This time I decided to get to work via a different means, the train, this meant a 20min walk to the train station, getting on a train (hopefully) and then another 20 min walk to work. I thought I might have to miss a few trains as they would probably be packed. Boy was I surprised when the 1st train that arrived looked pretty empty (I guess it doesn’t stop at that many stops before hand) a few people got off. (I hope they weren’t hoping to catch a bus, the traffic wasn’t moving on the road), and then I got moved onto the train. I say moved, when your in a crowed of people surging to get on, you don’t’ really get on the train at your own choosing. It was quite impressive how many people on the crowded platform managed to get on the train. The train ride is only 8 mins, so all in all I managed to get to work at about the time I usually do (I did leave home 30 mins earlier than normal)!!

So I thought I’d add a brief knitting date to this blog post.


So I completed my first ever crochet project recently. I had to get my mum’s help a fair bit at the start as the instructions just seemed like gobeldygook at the start (doing some more crochet should solve that problem.) I made a hat (, and I have to say that it felt a lot easier than knitting one. Having only one stitch to worry about made it much easier to hold, and also to rip it back when I made a mistake. There was quite a lot of ripping back, I don’t actually know what my tension is with crochet, and while I used the yarn and hook size that was recommended I must crochet quite tight as I had to add a lot more rows to the hat before it was the right size. I also had to alter how I decreased my stitches as when I was following the instructions I kept making it way to tight!


I’ve also been working on this Layering Shrug which is a birthday present for my mum. It’s going pretty well so far, in some ways it’s been a quick knit, although I still have a sleeve and then the edging to do, and it’s sorting out picking up the stitches for the edging that’s going to take a while, especially as I’ve added an additional repeat of the pattern across the back. Still it’s looking pretty good. 🙂

In other news also knitting related, myself and a few others have started up a knitting group at work, so far we’ve only met up 3 times at lunch time, but fingers crossed we’ll keep going. An hour isn’t that long to knit for, specially when you have to keep stopping to help people (quiet a few people are new to knitting), but it’s nice to chat with some other knitters. Going to back to new knitters it’s really weird for me as this is the first time that I’ve attempted to teach people. Just taking it slowly for now making sure they know how to knit and then purl, they have been shown how to cast on, but as you don’t do that nearly as often I’m expecting they don’t remember it so well. It also gets a bit embarrassing for me, having some people go on about how amazing some things I’ve knitted are. (We had a crafty thing at work and I brought 1 or 2 things to display.) I am proud of those items, but I dont’ feel like they are amazing, I look at other knitters stuff and go ‘wow now THAT is impressive’, I’m guessing thou that possibly they feel the same way and feel like that about other people’s work.

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iKnit Weekender

So it appears, as usual, that I’m a bit behind in blog posts. I went to the iKnit weekender the other week and I had a decent time.

I took a class in the morning, Knitting two socks at a time, I think I got the hang of it, it was fairly easy once you get going but very awkward at the start. In fact I was at an advantage because I know how to do Magic Loop and I’ve knitted 2 pairs of socks already. Still I should probably practice knitting an actual pair of socks sooner rather than later as otherwise I may well forget.

Mini socks 🙂

The class was 3 hours long, so after that I popped out to grab a sandwich, and then headed back to go look around the market. I have to confess I didn’t have that much fun there. I didn’t manage to persuade anyone to go with me/no one had any free time, and well it’s a bit boring wondering around yarn stalls by yourself. I also didn’t realise/it didn’t occur to me that I could take knitting .

Next time however, I will be prepared, I will find a friend who I can wonder around with, and perhaps go to some more classes. (assuming I have some more money by then but they are a little pricey)

I was quite good however, I set myself a budget and I actually managed to go under that budget. A lot of this was due to me thinking, a) do I actually need this yarn for anything? No and b) Do I have space for this yarn? No.

So here is what I bought:

Knitwitches - lace cashmere

Knitwitches 100% Cashmere, roughly 1000m for 100g, but I have about 146g 🙂 The colour isn’t quite right in this picture


Sparkleduck 75% merino 25% nylon, it’s surprisingly soft for something with nylon in it. I’m hoping to use this for a pair of gloves. 🙂

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