When a camera phone just isn’t good enough…

Apparently I’m going to have to walk around my house with my camera, or at least when I wonder into the Kitchen. I went into make my lunch glanced out the window and noticed something walking down the garden. My thought process went like thus ‘Thats quite big for a cat.. oh.. wait thats a Fox?! What on Earth is a fox doing out and about at 12 in the afternoon in the middle of a bright sunny day. And how did it get into the back garden (which is surrounded by several other back gardens).’ (I know where it came from as there’s a small Nature Reserve behind the gardens of the houses opposite me on the road.

My next thought was. ‘Damn I need to take a photo! Camera, where is camera, ack its in my room in a bag I’ll never get it in time… Oh wait phone has camera and its in my pocket’ Start pulling out phone, unlock it and flick the back bit back to turn the camera on all the while going ‘Damn I know this phone is slow will i get a picture in time.. maybe I’d be better getting my camera, oh well too late now I’m taking too long as is.’ 15s later the camera bit of the phone finally loads up at which point i get the msg telling me I have no memory card blah blah, so I click ok and then realise I have to mess with the zoom. (Can you see where this is going?) I’ve never been comfortable with the zoom on my phone camera, so by the time I got it right, Mr Fox had wondered off into the bushes. *sigh*


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