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At the weekend I went to a button embroidery class at Loop run by Cecile: http://www.facilececile.com/ I hadn’t seen her work before but when I saw the picture Loop posted on Facebook of the buttons (the ones in the header in her website).  I really wanted to give it ago! (Aren’t they cute & amazing?!) And so even though it was a gloriously sunny day, I spent the majority of it inside, but I had a great time.

These are the two that I made:

It was very therapeutic doing all the stitches even if by the end of the day my back was killing me and my fingers hurt. (Its quite hard to sew properly when your fingers are sweating from the heat.)  I also met some other very lovely ladies and had a great time.

I also know I had more that I wanted to say on Saturday after the class, when I utterly exhausted and just collapsed watching Eurovision and didn’t write a blog post. (Why yes I do watch Eurovision, its cheesy fun.)

I do however now have a few ideas of how to ‘geek’ up such techniques,  just have to figure out quite what I’d do and what I’d use the things for. I mean further buttons? Christmas decorations? Embellishments on a wallet? (Although that would involve me sewing the thing first…) Its not like I don’t have enough things to do as is. Still we shall see. Perhaps I should finish some warhammer models first…


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Polar Bear!

So… ages ago I believe I posted that I’d bought and received an Xmas decoration kit, I finally got around to getting at least one of the 3 decorations done last weekend. (I made a start on the 2nd.. but it’s taking much longer than I anticipated so I guess I’ll have all 3 by next year.)

I decided to go for Mr Polar Bear first as he seemed the simplest.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear 1

Polar Bear 2

I think he’s looking a bit confused here!

Polar Bear 3

Almost done!

Polar Bear 4

The finished bear!

Finished Polar Bear

This took me a quite a few hours, and I will confess that there was a point where I thought I’d finished, I popped him on the tree and then the next day I was like ‘hang on where is his scarf! he will get cold without it! oh noes!’ and thus down he had to come till I’d done his scarf.


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Xmas Decorations

I need to get on with writing my NaNoWriMo as I haven’t done very much on it at all today. I spent lunch time going to buy myself a brand spanking new coat. I’ve never actually bought anything that expensive (or at least expensive for me) but it is really nice. 🙂 (Though I’m taking the belt it comes with as I feel like it makes the coat looks like a bathrobe.)

Anyway I came home to find that this had arrived in the post:

😀 yaaay!!!

I bought it from Posie Gets Cozy, I’ve been reading her blog for a while and every now and then when she releases a new sewing pattern she will do kits with them. This one is very xmas decorations and a) I just fell in love with that red coat and b) I though it would be a great opportunity to have some sewing practice.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get started this month. Ooh exciting! 😀

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Gota get creative!

Ok so for the last few months I’ve been having some wardrobe issues, a lot of my clothes are simply too big. At some point I realyl need to sit down and alter the waist lines on many of my skirts. (Thats going to be an awkward/big task..) Anyway, while I was at the shops today, trying to find something to wear to a friends wedding, I have yet to find anything good, I saw THE perfectest perfect suit! I am currently debating with myself as to whether I should spalsh out and get it. I don’t really have a suit at the moment, as my current one.. well I’m pretty sure I just look like I’m drowning in it!! Anyway this prompted me to actually try on said suit clothes at home, and indeed most of them are too big, but I also found this hidden in my wardrobe:

Brown Dress

Its something that has been sitting in my wardrobe for a looooong time (serveral years? from before I went to uni I’m sure!!) and I don’t think I have ever worn it. Not once. Ever.

So I looked at it, I tried it on, and yes it does fit, but… it’s boring! Oh so boring.

Brown Dress 2

So I need to find a way to revamp this dress, a way to add colour to make it more interesting so that I actually wear the thing!! Cause it does fit and has a decent shape. My dilemma is what? What can I add/do to it? I’m not really a seamstress. Hmmm… this one might take some thought?

Maybe I could knit some kind of lacy skirt thing and sew it on to the waist? Maybe? but if so what colour?! Gah. Will come up with something one day.


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