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Conception 2012 (RPG convention)

So this time last year it was freezing cold and we were staying in a caravan. Yes that’s right a caravan in January! Well this year we (me, hubby and some friends – Hubby came on Friday due to work commitments.) are being much more civilised. We are staying in a lodge, this time on site. So no having to drive anywhere, nor having to smuggle sandwiches in either. Can roll out of bed later and just walk over to the con.

Also got to appreciate the usefulness of the Google Star Map App. It was pretty clear some of the nights so not only got to see Venus, Jupiter and Mars but could also work out what constellations were about!  I’d fogotten that I’d actually downloaded it until someone mentioned they had it on their iPad. There’s not much point using it in London, too much light pollution.

So onto the games!

Cut for lengh

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Conception 2011

So for the last few days I have been at my very first role playing convention, Conception http://www.conceptionuk.org/ a friend of ours went last year and persuaded us to go this year.  Because we booked ‘late’ (it wasn’t really that late, but we didn’t book in the 2 mins after midnight when booking opened) we ended up in a caravan.  Yes that’s right a caravan at the end of January. It was alright on the first day but I think it must of got colder day by day (yes I suppose the weather did mention something about that, and the ice on the car on Sunday may have been a hint of that) but brrrr yes damned cold, we ended up having a second duvet over the end of the bed to keep warm. Luckily we weren’t in the caravan most of the time, as we were busy roleplaying.

So we met up with our two friends (who can both thankfully drive) and I’d like to especially thank P for doing most of that. The convention isn’t too far from Bournemouth so it didn’t’ take too long to get there from London, and once there we drove straight to the site in order to put our names down for games on Thursday. Only then did we drive to the site where we were staying (3 miles away) to get our keys and dump our stuff. We had to get our priorities straight after all, games first, accommodation second.

How Conception works is that they effectively take over a holiday park for 5 days. It’s a win win situation, means the park gets fully booked in January, when they’d normally have barely any visitors, while the con doesn’t have to pay to hire out the main hall/pub etc to have the tables in. Additionally as gamers pay money for the games (£3) much money is raised for charity.

So what follows is further information on the games I played in, there were 3  four hour gaming sessions a day, and I had said I wouldn’t play in them all…. Yeah I ended up playing in every session from Thursday morning till Sunday morning. That’s a lot of gaming time and meant everyone was extremely tired, a little argumentative but we all I believe had a lot of fun.

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