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At the weekend I went to a button embroidery class at Loop run by Cecile: http://www.facilececile.com/ I hadn’t seen her work before but when I saw the picture Loop posted on Facebook of the buttons (the ones in the header in her website).  I really wanted to give it ago! (Aren’t they cute & amazing?!) And so even though it was a gloriously sunny day, I spent the majority of it inside, but I had a great time.

These are the two that I made:

It was very therapeutic doing all the stitches even if by the end of the day my back was killing me and my fingers hurt. (Its quite hard to sew properly when your fingers are sweating from the heat.)  I also met some other very lovely ladies and had a great time.

I also know I had more that I wanted to say on Saturday after the class, when I utterly exhausted and just collapsed watching Eurovision and didn’t write a blog post. (Why yes I do watch Eurovision, its cheesy fun.)

I do however now have a few ideas of how to ‘geek’ up such techniques,  just have to figure out quite what I’d do and what I’d use the things for. I mean further buttons? Christmas decorations? Embellishments on a wallet? (Although that would involve me sewing the thing first…) Its not like I don’t have enough things to do as is. Still we shall see. Perhaps I should finish some warhammer models first…


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5k and knitting class

So last weekend I ran my first ever 5k (adidas 5k), I was a little nervous about running it because I didn’t think I’d really done enough training.  I do a lap around my local park which I think may be just over 3k and I can’t actually jog all the way around, I have to pause and walk for short stints, I blame the hills, so I hadn’t even done a 5k in training. Although when I looked at the information I’d been sent, that suggested that in the last week before the run you should run non-stop for just 15 minutes, and my lap around the park took longer.  So I was unsure how it would go.

Because there were so many people running, they had a staggered start, with those who were going to run the slowest started at the back. I placed myself in the 30-35 section, as I figured I wasn’t going to go faster than 30, but I didn’t really want to start any further back, even if I thought it might take me longer. The race was due to start at 11am, but I didn’t actually start till 11.15am, and then, the first 2k in particular it was a matter of trying to navigate my way through people, lots of people, and even though anyone walking was supposed to be on the right, to allow runners to pass on the left, it didn’t really work that way.

Still I managed to jog the first 2k fine, and then 3k (it was about 21mins by this point) then I reached 4k and I still felt pretty ok, and then the finish! I didn’t quite manage a sprint finish, but I did pick up pace. 😀

34 minutes and 20 seconds. ^_^ jogging all the way around

I am pretty damn happy with that, I’d hoped I could do it in that sort of time, but I’d thought it would perhaps take me more than 40 mins! I actually enjoyed it somewhat, I just hated training for it. But I think the reason I made it all the way around? Hills. Hyde park is pretty flat and as I said my local park has hills.

Still next time I’ll have to train harder and try and beat my time!


This weekend I also had a knitting class at Loop, given by the very lovely Ysolda Teague, who is one of my fave knitting designers. She has recently had a book published called Little Red in the City, which not only has some very lovely knitting patters, but has quite a lot of information about how to make sure that the jumpers and cardigans that you knit actually FIT. So her class was basically covering a lot of this.

There was one amusing point where, while we (there were 8 of us in the class) were trying the tops from the book on to see what suited and what we need to do to get them fit, where she asked me where I was from. Now I’ve become accustomed recently to people asking this because they can’t place my accent and seem to assume I’m Australian*. So I’ve started to tell people to guess when they ask where I’m from, because I find it amusing to see what they’ll say. But she, to my surprise asked me if I had family from the North of England, and that she didn’t ask due to my accent, but because she’d found, while doing talks/classes up there that woman in those parts tended to have smaller shoulders, and did I find that straps for things fall of my shoulders a lot. To which I replied yes my dad was from Sheffield, and that yes straps are always falling off my shoulders. And actually there’s a few things I’ve knitted where I’ve had to crochet around the edges to reinforce them so that they don’t constantly fall of my shoulders.  My lyttelton is a prime example of this.

This may well be due to me having to knit larger sizes for my bust, but hopefully I can knit a smaller size and then put in darts to make it fit. I shall see how it goes. But at least I have a slightly better idea of the alterations I will need to make for my garments now.. perhaps I can have a few more tops that will fit.

It was a very enjoyable class, which included tea, cake and biscuits. 🙂  I also bought some very nice yarn in order to make one of the cardigans from the book, but I completely forgot to take a photo, it was a nice day too! Maybe next time. It’s a very lovely purpleish colour, I was originally intending to get a more grey/brown colour but there a) weren’t enough skeins and b) I think this may be a much nicer colour anyway. I haven’t even wound a skein yet though, got one cardigan I must finish (annoyingly have to re-knit one of the arms because it is too long and too tight) and a jumper that I’ve been meaning to start for ages.

*I’m not Australian, I’ve lived my entire life in London, but having lived with a Kiwi for 3 years I think something has rubbed off, giving my accent a bit of a lilt at times. But it has been hysterical telling people I’m English and having them go ‘no, no you can’t be, you sound Australian, its simply not possible for you to be English.’

Side note: I’ve yet to have anyone say I sound Kiwi.. I don’t know if that’s because Australia is simply the first place they think of (probably) or if mixing a London accent with Kiwi makes something more Oz sounding?!? Who knows!

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