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Olympic Torch Relay

Yes ok I’m a little slow at posting this considering I saw this over a week ago at Alexandra Palace and we’re now almost half way through the Olympics.  Initially I was just going to line the street and watch the torch go past, however a friend of hubby’s was visiting the UK and her brother had actual got some tickets to event at the end of the day. Hubby wasn’t so interested in going, he’s not one for crowds. (We had a semi disastrous attempt at seeing the Queen’s Jubilee stuff – which I did mean to post and never got around to.) But I really wanted to be there, to be able to see it so I asked for one of the tickets. It was a very hot and sunny evening, which was really nice (although I was a little worried about getting sunburnt) and not that busy in the area where the torch relay was going to end. (Ticketing, they were free tickets, meant they could control the numbers, it was quite sensible.)  While we waited for the Torch to turn up we had some yummy (if expensive) ice cream and watched the entertainment provided.

I have to say this was probably the most corporate event I’ve ever been to. The opening acts were sponsored by Samsung, TSB and then Coke. The only advantage was that I did get free drinks, as Coke were handing out free bottles of cola ( I have kept one of the limited edition bottles as I feel it could make a nice little flower pot.)

I will confess to not wearing the most sensible shoes (heeled sandals) I can walk in them fine, however standing in them for 2 hours and then walking for 1 hour and 20 minutes home…. yeah….. they hurt. A LOT. It was however a very nice walk through several woods, but still not good footwear.

Because this is going to be rather photo heavy I’m going to have to trim it, I just want to say that since the games have started I have been loving EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

In fact I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t try and go for more tickets, I do actually enjoy watching the rowing and I should have tried for the cycling/swimming that would have been good to! But I shall console myself with having quite a few events to go to for the Paralympics which will be just as awesome! 😀

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So from the 9th till the 12th October (today), Alexandra Palace hosted the Knitting and Stitching show. It’s an annual event, but I didn’t go last year, as I was only just starting to get properly into knitting and wasn’t really sure if it would be my thing, nor what happened there. My friend Em did go, and said it was quite good, lots of stalls of stuff and she even brought me back a souvenir of some Nameste Glass knitting needles. (I can’t seem to find the needles on the site thou…) I have to confess I haven’t knitted with them that much as they make an odd scratchy sound, and plus I now have my harmony circular needles which I adore. Then a month or so later i got onto Ravelry and well… it all changed. A world of amazing patterns, hand dyed yarn through etsy, and the ease of being able to get help on those tricksy patterns have just made me really love knitting. As such I was really looking forward to the Knitting and Stitching fair when it came around this year. (Wow.. bit of a long intro there :P). There was also the awesome advantage of being able to read what suggestions other people had with how to face the day and setting a budget and taking cash etc.

So my mum pre-booked us tickets to go. She used to knit, prefers to crochet, hasn’t really had time of it in years, in fact its mostly been my interest that’s sort of rekindled hers although she did confess she probably more interested in sewing, quilting and beading these days. Not that she currently has the time for said things.

We got to the show about 10, which was pretty good as we got about 2 hours of wondering about before it started to get really busy. We split up for about an hour because, well I wanted to look at yarn and my mum was more interested in beads and such. It’s not just stalls for shops selling things there’s also lots of artists work, massive pictures in various mediums of knit/sewing/quilting/cross stitch/felting, some mixed mediums. There was some amazing Japanese Embroidery, where they literally just sew glass beads together to make the most amazing shimmery fabric. There was a big kimono on display, well over 2 million glass beads. imagine the time that must have taken! (Sorry I don’t really have many pictures of the day, a lot of things said ‘No Picture’s Please’. So all I’ve got from the day is this shot, which was at the entrance to the event:

Hyperbolic Coral Reaf

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.

We finally left the show at about 3pm, (it closed at 5.30pm). I was rather amazed to find that it was pretty damn hot outside! (Even more so than had been inside, although at least there was a breeze). Incidentally it’s been just as hot today, i suspect something like 20c. What’s up with that?! It’s October, its supposed to be miserable and cold!! August and October seem to have decided to swap weather.

Anyway, onto the real topic of this post… what I ended up getting at the show. Ahhh! Here is a quick shot of all the yarn I got. Yes… there may (with one exception, can you guess which? 😉 ) be a bit of a theme to the colours there….


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