Red Seas Under Red Skies: Read Along Wk1

Yay! We have now moved on to the second Gentlemen Bastards book RSURS by Scott Lynch as part of our read along. ¬†ūüôā

The questions, supplied by  Bryce over at My Awful Reviews,  cover the start of the book all the way up to Chapter 3.

I’d like to start of first by saying: ¬† Goddamn Mages!!!!!

1. The Sinspire. It looks like our heroes (can they really be called that?) find themselves in search of a way into an unbeatable vault. Do you think they have what it takes to make it happen?

I think you can call them heroes, certainly after the events of the last book, even if their ‘day jobs’ ¬†aren’t so heroic… Do they have what it takes? Hmmmm… ¬†Its a bit hard to say when I’m not 100% sure what the plan is, I worry that they don’t really have enough back up, there’s only two of them. If something goes wrong (what would Locke have done if he hadn’t¬†persuaded¬†Requin?) they don’t have much room to¬†manoeuvres.

2.¬† Anyone want to guess how they’re going to make it happen?

Looks like Locke’s hoping that by getting on to Requin’s security that should give them further access to everything? Perhaps keys? Knowing just what the routine is etc etc? A complete confidence trick, but surely Requin is going to be suspicious that someone might try this?

3. It’s a little different this time around, with us just being focused on Locke and Jean. Is anyone else missing the rest of the Bastards as much as I am?

Yes, well Bug at least I don’t think we got to know the twins as well, but as the youngest and newest member of the group Bug added that little extra something to the dynamic. (I’m not quite sure what though, perhaps something that make Locke feel like he should perhaps be a little more careful…. or maybe not.)

4. I love the section where Jean starts to build a new guild of thieves. It really shows just how well trained and tough he is. Do you think the Bastards will end up training others along the way again like Bug?

It makes sense that they should at some point, they need a bit more support. But I guess the problem is that while it has been 2 years since the events of book one so the wounds won’t be as raw, they’re a) right in the middle of a major scam (2 years?! Thats dedication!) and b) the Bondsmage’s have turned up. (Did they Locke & Jean really believe the matter was settled?) ¬†I really wonder if there is perhaps some way that they can protect Jean from being controlled by them.

I have to say I also loved the argument between Jean and Locke at the end of this section. I was laughing out loud and getting funny looks from the hubby as Jean¬†barricaded¬†Locke in. ūüėÄ

5. For those of you looking for Sabetha, we still haven’t spotted her yet. Anyone else chomping at the bit to see the love of Locke’s life?

I am curious, but currently I’m more curious about just how Locke thinks he’s going to steal from the Sinspire. And just what was that going on in the prologue? (A cunning plan of double dealings I assume – potentially part of the whole Sinspire¬†shenanigans?¬†with Jean pretending to double cross Locke?)

6. It’s early on, but the Bastards are already caught up in plots that they didn’t expect. How do you think their new “employer” is going to make use of them (The Archon, that is)?

Edited: So somehow I missed that I was also supposed to read Chapter 3 for this first week. I have now read it and here’s my answer. ūüôā

I’m going to guess it’s something political, he’s worried that perhaps someone is doing something/going to make a move that will knock him off the top spot? But who knows with Lynch that could be¬†completely¬†wrong! ūüôā ¬†Poor Locke having someone poison him again in order to get something out of him (I do wonder whether that is just a lie from the Archon though). Its understandable why L&J are pissed (I was highly¬†suspicious¬†when the Archon was going on about how it was all a mistake..) but I worry that Locke is going to go in over his head. (Like he hasn’t already with the Bondsmagi)

What if what the Archon wants is something ‘nice’ something beneficial that could help lots of people (he probably doesn’t but playing devils¬†advocate¬†here..), we know Locke won’t work for money.. well he might say he would but he would totally get bored. But if someone presented that case to L & J.. might they have helped¬†without¬†the need for added persuasion? They are nice people we know this from the first book. Would they help?

Also the entrance to the Archon’s palace? That sounds amazing! I have to wonder how many poor souls have fallen over at the entrance though.



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Review: The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells

The Cloud Roads (Books of the Raksura, #1)

The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Moon does not know what he is, losing his family at an early age he has spent his whole life hiding what he is from the tribes that he tries to live with. And what he is is a shifter who can swtich between a human groundling form and a being with wings who can fly. As he is yet again cast about by another tribe who find out what he is he discovers another like him. This stranger leads him back to a colony of his people. A place where his very presence causes ripples amoungst the established order of things and a place that is under threat from a race called the Fell. A species that are greatly feared by everyone.

I loved this book so much so that I found it really hard to put it down. I was wishing for a longer tube journey to work and my husband grumped at me when I wanted to just loose myself in the world and finish the story. And what a world it is.

It was great to read a book where the main character and his people (The Raksura) aren’t human. Their whole social structure is completly different to ours. They are split into two parts the Aeriat who can shift into a winged form and the Arbora who can’t. And then they split even further into castes such as Teacher, Hunter, Mentors, Warriors, Consorts, Queens etc. Really interesting and well thought out. And even the Humans aren’t really human as groups of humans massivly diversify some having golden skin, others green, some tusks etc etc. I saw briefly in another review someone mention The Dying Earth by Jack Vance and while the story writing is a very different feel I think they were more refering to the worlds back drop of a fractured broken world and the people being very different depending on where you went. This makes it all wonderfully unique.

The whole story is told from Moon’s perspective and you can see that he would be one of those characters who is classed as ‘dark & brooding’, but there are reasons he acts the way he does, good reasons. Having him as an outcaste who is brought into the society is obviously a good way to introduce the reader to how things work and it works really well. It was great seeming him develop and even recognise the times when he was being stupid and even though he finds it hard to trust realise that perhaps he should take a chance. There were quite a few times when I wished I could just give Moon a hug (he really needs it at certain).

There’s also quite a nice bit of role reversal going on here. As strong and tough as Moon is its actually the Queens who are the better fighters. Moon is quick but not nearly as dangerous. Its actualy him that needs saving on several occasions. He’s also actually at the heart of it all quite a bit of a softy and while he’s perfectly capable of looking after himself its really nice to see a male character filling what is sometimes the stereotypical ‘female’ role of needing someone to take care of them.

I’d probably class this as high fantasy – which I will confess I often find a little bit boring as the characters are never in any real danger. (Something often saves them at the last minute etc) I like my dark fantasy (Martin, Abercrombie, Lynch) and the overall story to this book is pretty straight forward and not exactly new – a dark evil force that want to take over/destroy everything and Moon and his people have to find a way to save themselves. But this is a well written book and I think the setting itself is enough to give it that little added something. As a character I really like Moon and I am curious to see how he finds his place with his people. I was captivated from the start and literally devoured the book in a few days. Its a book I would re-read at some point.

This is the first book I’ve read by Martha Wells but I’m definetly looking forward to the second book in the series (which having just looked things up is out). Thats going on my to read list then.

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Female characters in Warhammer

As I mentioned in a previous post there was a discussion of diversity in Genre fiction ar alt.fiction. During this talk Warhammer was brought up as one of the panel members was one of the few female authors the writes for the Black Library. She mentioned how when she started going in to her local Games Workshop the staff were very eager to get her to sit somewhere visible to show that the hobby is not just for guys. This whole discussion got me and the hubby talking about gender in the Warhammer ‘verse on the train ride home.

I sort of wondered whether if there were more female models and characters is that might be one way to encourage more female players. Now let me be staight here. This is NOT because I think that women would only play as the ‘girly’ armies. That’s utter rubbish. I myself have¬† Blood Angles and a fantasy Chaos army and that’s because I think they look cool. My thought was more that perhaps it might make things feel a bit more inclusive. And also that if someone did want to have an army commanded by female characters they could. The point here is CHOICE, currently there isn’t much.

So I thought I’d look at the 40k ‘Verse armies and see what options there are (if any because some armies don’t really count) for female characters/models.


An¬†insectoid¬†hive mind that consumes everything in its path. They have the Norn Queen.. but honestly it would be really creepy if they all had a gender. They are just biological robots after all. They’re a race that doesn’t need gender in the slightest.


Conciousness that exist inside living metal and who did this to be unified against the powers of the old ones, losing their souls in the process cannot have a gender. Therefore it’s irrelevant to even discuss alternative models.


They are a fungus, adult Orks continuously release spores which can grow into more Orks or Gretchin. They therefore aren’t male or female they just are. (One could almost argue that Orks despite appearances are all female considering the spores.) Again another race where the discussion is irrelevant.


An alien race who like their heavy armour so you can’t really tell what gender they are. Although I suspect most people envisioned them as male underneath all that armour, but at the same time though there must be some female warriors seeing as they have¬†Commander Shadowsun. But thats it..

Space Marines

What can I say about these guys? Canonically they are male so no female characters here then.

Chaos Space Marines

See above.

Finally a race that we can work with! Actually Eldar sort of have something we can work with. 1 in 5 Guardians are female. It is obvious but theres no reason that ratio couldn’t be upped a bit. Things begin to get more interesting when you take a look at their Aspect Warriors. Banshees, which are the all female aspect, can be Eldar of any sex. The aspect themselves are interesting as they represent parts of the Eldar psyche and each aspect has its own associated gender. So when an Eldar becomes a member of a particular aspect they take on that role (including the ceremonial armour) regardless of their own sex.

Looking at their special characters they are somewhat light on the ground as there is only the Howling Banshee Phoenix Lord. Why isn’t there at least a female Farseer or Autarch? (Or any Warlocks? I mean forget even the charactrization why isn’t there even a model?)

Dark Eldar

They work in a strange almost the same way as Eldar (funny that seeing as they’re all space elves…). They have Wytches – which are mainly female but do include a male minority. And they have female models in the Cabalites (the same split as Guardians).

They fair a little better with special characters though having Lelith Heperax and the Lhamaean. (Hubby thinks the Succubus is female to, but I look at the model and it looks like a male character Рin what is clearly female armour.)

Imperial Guard

The army that represents humanity. Are there any female models/characters? No.

Wait? What?

Ok there are TWO. From The Last Chancers. That is it. No female generic troopers, no female support staff, no female command staff.

There is no reason for this, there are female commanders, there are female units, its mentioned in army books and we have Lieutenant Mira from Space Marine the game. So why don’t we get the option to make a whole female squad/army or even have female command staff? Hmmmm…?

Sisters of Battle

The all female army, one that could be considered the female equivalent of Space Marines. Except there’s a but here. It’s an army that GW haven’t updated in a while. Ok there was a bit of a rules update in an issue of White Dwarf around Christmas, but that was it. The models are still metal which means they are both heavy and expensive and also do not look nearly as good as all the new models GW have done recently. These girls kick ass, it would be nice if we could have a new fancy looking army (that’s not quite as expensive) to represent that.

So what can we conclude from all this? That GW could do with perhaps putting in a few more female models, I’m not asking for loads but a few at least in the Imperial Guard wouldn’t go amiss, nor would some new models for Sisters of Battle.


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Red Seas Under Red Skies Read Along

As some of you may have noticed in the last few weeks I took part in a read along for The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, we are now going to be moving on Red Seas Under Red Skies. (or RSURS – I may have to switch to this abbreviation as I keep wanting to call it Red Skies Under Red Seas which is a) wrong and b) thats quite a long title!). Anyway further details can be found at¬†The Little Red Reviewer¬†and if you let her know you want to take part you’ll get the discussion emails that come out on Thursdays. We’re starting later this week so ¬†if you haven’t read the first one you’d better get that done quickly!! (It’s really good! Full of twists and turns and a lot of unexpected things!)
Here’s the schedule:

Start reading on or around April 21st. . .
Week 1 Рbeginning thru End of Chapter 3, discussion questions go out Thurs April 26, posts go up Sat April 28
Week¬†¬†2¬†– Reminiscence “The Lady of the Glass Pylon” through end of Chapter 6, discussion questions go out thurs May 3, posts go up Sat May 5
Week  3 РChapter 7 thru end of Chapter 10, discussion questions go out May 10, posts go up May 12
Week  4 РChapter 11 thru end of chapter 13, discussion questions go out May 17, posts go up May 19
Week  5 РChapter 14 to the end, discussion question go out May 24, posts go up May 26

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Alt.Fiction 2012

I spent the weekend (with hubby) up in Leicester for Alt.Fiction. ¬†Whats strange about Leicester is that it’s only about an hour from St Pancras, and yes you have to get to St Pancras but it means it takes almost the same amount of time to get to Leicester as it does to say cross London (either North-South or East-West) how crazy is that?

On to Alt.Fiction a weekend filled with talks on writing, fiction and meeting lovely people.

The two best talks I went to were ‘Not another F**king elf’ and ‘Diversity in Fantasy’.

The first turned into a rather informal chat (I don’t know if the lack of a moderator was an oversight or not?) about the trope of elves, discussing how they’re portrayed in¬†fiction/computer games how they sort of represent our¬†spiritual¬†selves. Also talked about the zombie horde and how they have become (like Orcs were) the faceless horde that can be killed without¬†consequence. (Although I wanted to mention but didn’t get a chance to that Zombies are more an environmental thing traditionally the story is about how its the humans who screw each other open and fuck up their chance to survive.) ¬†I also wanted to mention but it kind of got mentioned¬†elsewhere¬†that the¬†archetype¬†of elves (arrogant, long lived, old ‘dying’ race) is not just limited to fantasy but its also in SF. (Vulcans, Asari, Minbari – interesting none in Starwars but then most of the races are pretty much human just with slight physical differences.) ¬†It was also pointed out that while elves can vary quite a bit between different worlds, dwarves (IF they are included) are often¬†portrayed¬†in exactly the same way across worlds. This was all a very interesting discussion and allowed me to geek out a bit when people start mentioning words like ‘Roleplaying’, ‘Skyrim’, ‘Bioware’ etc.

My one complaint about this talk (hmm maybe 2) was a) I could have happily sat there and listened/tried to discuss this a bit longer and b) the room was so small that people had to be turned away, hubby missed this one and he was quite disappointed about it.

The second did exactly what it said on the tin, discussed gender, race and sexual preferences. These are all quite hot topics at the moment and I found this was a very good discussion. One of the panel members is one of the few female writers for the Black Library and it was pointed out by Adrian¬†Tchaikovsky that Warhammer is one of the few things where nothing is a faceless horde. Everything has to be playable and so there has to be something that people can relate to even if they are playing the evil sides like Chaos. (This got me into a discussion with hubby on the train home that I think I’ll do in another post. ) ¬†I kind of wish that at the end I had asked/commented on the whole issue of people being surprised by the race of one of the characters in The Hunger Games. (People¬†basically¬†being stupid, not reading properly and being racist.)

I went to a few other talks but none really matched the energy of these ones and I got a little annoyed at some of the talks, mostly at some things which just didn’t make sense.

I also met quite a few of the Apocalypse Girls¬†which was great ūüėÄ got to sit down with some of them and a few others and just chat about all manor of things, from Anime to ethnicity on forms. ‘Twas all good. ūüôā

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Book Review: Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse

Pandemonium: Stories of the ApocalypsePandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse by Jared Shurin, Anne C. Perry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great collection of apocalypse based short stories. If I’m honest my visions of the apocalypse are often based around the scenes from the Fallout games (which I love) and that’s kind of what I was expecting. (Radiation, empty Wastelands, Mutants, gangs of marauders etc)

Its not what I got and I’m grateful for that. These stories all approach the apocalypse in very different ways. There are some set just as the apocalypse is occurring and shows just how individuals can view the apocalypse in a very strange light that is completely at odds with what is actually happening. (The Harvest by Chrysanthy Balis) Others are set after it has occurred and have some really creepy imagery. (Sadak in Search of The Waters of Oblivion by Archie Black) And still others have some very interesting takes on the war between Heaven and Hell, like The End of the World by Den Patrick.

I enjoyed pretty much every short story in here, some I found rather strange but all of them really make you think make you re imagine just what the apocalypse can mean. And I really have to wonder where some of the authors got their twisted ideas from. ūüėÄ

For anyone who likes stuff on the apcoalypse or even just stories that make you think these are well worth reading! ūüôā

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Whats that? Knitting?

Oh would you look at that I’ve finally a) finished some knitting and b) taken photos of things I have knitted

First up:

que sera1

Project: Que Sera

Needles: 5mm

Yarn: Rowan Milk Cotton DK

I’ve had most of this knitted for ages, I did have to re-do the sleeves twice as the first time I made them they weren’t wide enough. The reason it’s sat around for so long is that I had to sew the sleeves together and attach to the body. I did one and then for some reason put it aside and then forgot all about it. Until I finally went and got some buttons and finished the sewing. Think it came out quite well, I’m looking forward to being able to wear it once the weather again gets a bit warmer. ūüôā

Project: Veyla

Needles: 3.5mm

Yarn: JC Rennie

Not the best of pictures because you can’t see the buttons, but it’ll do. I haven’t actually blocked these (naughty) but I love them, I feel quite elegant in them.

Project: Ishbel

Needles: 4mm

Yarn: Ripples Crafts BFL 4ply

Er I won’t lie I totally finished this LAST JANUARY. I just haven’t taken a photo of it until now. >_<

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The Lies of Locke Lamora – Read along wk5

Its the last set of questions this week for The Lies of Locke Lamora (boo!) but after this we will now be moving on to the second book in the series Red Seas Under Red Skies (yay!). ¬†The questions this week were provided by¬†Lynn, from¬†Lynn’s Book Blog

Before I start the questions I’m going to talk about my one real criticism I have from the books (its not really a big one either), as I want to finish my post with the ‘I really do love this book’ comments. ūüôā

(also going to cut this because its a long post with major spoilers)

Continue reading


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All Night Write In

At the weekend I organised (with the help of several people, you know who you are – thanks for the help!) and ran my very first Write In and to show that I am indeed quite mad it was an all-nighter as well(!)

To those that don’t know what a write in is then the aim of it is to qive writers some quite time to work on.. whatever it is they’re working on, be it you’re novel, short story or hell even a dissertation! The write in starts with short bursts of quite writing time (approx 15 mins) and then builds up to say 20, 30, 45 possibly 1 hour, depending on how people feel and then you start working you’re way back down. In between these times there are breaks when you can chat, eat or perhaps do some games to get everyone motivated again.
Where did I get the idea from? I may have borrowed/nicked it from one that was run around the end of NaNoWriMo last year. I didn’t actually go to that one. (I wasn’t doing NaNo last year, I forgot it was on and I recall for some reason that I was¬†incredibly¬†tired that day!) So a lot of me figuring out how a write-in should even work was from me interrogating those people that had gone.
On the whole I think the write-in went pretty well! I got about 4.5k words written, although I’m unsure as to how much of that is just gibberish. By the time we hit 2 am though I think many of us were hitting the “I’m so tired I can’t focus” wall. And I’m pretty sure we ended up having much longer break session that writing periods. One of my friends had bought in a box of movie quiz questions and another some generic quiz questions so we spent quite a while answering those and just chatting. I was pretty awake during these periods (helped by the fact that I was munching on sugary popcorn) and then once we did even a 15 min writing window I would try for the first few minutes and then seriously zone out. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was doing that either. Even had a conversation on twitter with another person there about the need for coffee.. Only to have someone say after the stint that surely if there was no talking allowed during the writing period we shouldn’t be twittering either… ¬†well yes ok I suppose you have a point. ūüėõ
I have learnt though that the next time I organise one (and there will be a next time but not until the summer) that when I send the information out I should probably say that around 10ish we will probably have a really long break so that people can go get food/visit supermarket for food before it closes. As those of us that went to a kebab took a really long time as we had to walk there wait for food to be prepared and come back to eat it. And it worries me a little that those people who came later and then left about midnight might not have got as much out of the night as those who came early and left around midnight or who stayed all night. So next time I will make sure to have a rough schedule and an explanation for what a write-in is when we advertise, but it was a bit hard for me to do that for this one as I honestly had no idea what to expect!
At some point I will have to look at what I’ve written and see if it makes any kind of sense… I’m tempted to not do that until I have the first draft of my novel done. (I’m getting there slowly.) It has though given me time to get to know that character who was giving me so much trouble before, his whole motivation has pretty much changed, and for the better. I can forsee him being quite important in any potential later books! ūüôā

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The Lies of Locke Lamora – Read along Wk4

On to week 4 of the read along and things are really picking up in the book! ūüôā This post coveres ¬†Chapter Nine through to Chapter thirteen ‚ÄúOrchids and Assassins‚ÄĚ , questions from¬†Ashley, who posts on Monday at SF Signal.

There are even more spoilers in THIS post than in the last one so really do not read it if you¬†haven’t¬†read the books and are planning to.

¬† 1. In the chapter ‚ÄúA Curious Tale for Countess Amberglass‚ÄĚ we
learn of the tradition of the night tea in Camorr. I found that not so
much fantastical as realistic ‚Äď how about you?

I really liked this bit, it shows just how ‘normal’ the world can be. ¬†Its not afternoon tea like we used to have in England but it made me think of that. As the ladies would often have tea around 4-5ish because they were hungry and the men were still at work. It all makes the world that bit more alive. ūüôā

2.      When Jean meets with what will become the Wicked Sisters for
the first time, the meeting is described very much like how people
feel when they find their true work or home. Agree? Disagree? Some of

I guess so, its something I’ve seen used in other books as well. About how some¬†temperament¬†are better suited to different weapons. ¬†I’ve never really thought about things in terms of true work/home. There are things I like and have taken to well, which I guess follows along the same lines, this is just something that Jean is naturally better at, then dual wielding swords.

3.      Salt devils. Bug. Jean. The description is intense. Do you
find that description a help in visualizing the scene? Do you find
yourself wishing the description was occasionally ‚Äď well ‚Äď a little
less descriptive?

No. Yes. Maybe. It was about the right level of detail for me, as I’ve mentioned before I have a bad habit of skim reading descriptions. So I don’t always take everything in. (I just had to re-read the scene to really get the visual image.) But on the other hand if that had been a fight between humans it might have gotten to me. I think my tolerance for gore is getting much lower as I get older. And its not that I think “oh the author¬†shouldn’t’ have written that” it’s more that I physically can’t handle it. ¬†I have had 2 episodes this year where I have nearly fainted on the tube due to ‘gory’ bits in books. :/ ¬†In this case its more the visual that the Salt Devils look like spiders that bothers me! ūüôā But its in my imagination I don’t¬†have¬†to see them fully if I don’t want, unlike in a computer game (Dragon Age 2 I’m looking at you!) Its nice to see what weird and sometimes not so wonderful creatures inhabit that inhabit the world. ūüôā

4.      This section has so much action in it, it’s hard to find a
place to pause. But…but.. oh, Locke. Oh, Jean. On their return to the
House of Perelandro, their world is turned upside down. Did you see it

No. I thought what had happened in the previous section with Locke almost being killed in a coffin of piss was pretty big but then…. I mean I figured Jean would save him, and then I thought with what the Grey King or Capa Raza has then even with all of them it could be a challenge to get take him down.. but this? Wow. Oh Bug, what did you think you were doing? ūüė¶

It makes me wonder how things are going to go from here, I don’t know what could top what just happened!

5.      Tavrin Callas’s service to the House of Aza Guilla is recalled
at an opportune moment, and may have something to do with saving a
life or three. Do you believe Chains knew what he set in motion? Why
or why not?

No I don’t think he did, but I’m pretty sure they are going to have to pull on every scrap of training that Chains gave them, and wish they had more in order to survive this and to get the revenge they want.

6.      As Locke and Jean prepare for Capa Raza, Dona Vorchenza’s
remark that the Thorn of Camorr has never been violent ‚Äď only greedy
and resorting to trickery ‚Äď comes to mind again. Will this pattern

Hmmmm. (I’m answering this question after I answered the one below..) I think the Thorn will become more ruthless, not out right violence that draws way to much attention. But its no longer about greed, they’ll need to get money to be able to do their plans but… well the situation is personal now. Its no longer about simply having fun.

7.      Does Locke Lamora or the Thorn of Camorr enter Meraggio’s
Countinghouse that day? Is there a difference?

It never¬†occurred¬†to me to think about it like that but, I think at the moment it might be a little bit of both. ¬†And actually I wonder if Locke might need to channel the Thorn of Camorr more, become that bit more ruthless. Build up a facade around himself (like the Grey King did) that will allow him to outsmart the Grey King or I suppose I should call him Capa Raza now. I think it was Locke who pointed out the man is not subtle, he’s been clever and had the advantage of surprise over everyone, but I think Locke can be much¬†sneakier. And considering how¬†elaborate¬†his schemes are (all that hassle to get a set of clothes) then… it’ll be tough, and its not¬†going to¬†all go his way but I think they might have a chance. I think it might be hard to read though, just in terms of innocent bystanders getting caught up, like poor Benjavier having his whole life¬†completely¬†destroyed. Keeps things nice and gritty and it has to be done but it does make me wince, you can’t hate Locke for it but at the same time you wish it wasn’t so.

I have a couple more comments/speculations to make, I really like to¬†witter¬†on don’t I? ūüôā ¬†(Its kind of also fun to see how wrong/right I am.)¬†¬†I’m really interested to see how things are going to go with the dinner and the trap the Spyder has laid… I thought what the Grey King did would have shot that all to hell. But at this rate Locke’s going to walk right into it… I do wonder if those two are going to work together, Locke does need resources to deal with Capa Raza.


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