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At the weekend I went to a button embroidery class at Loop run by Cecile: I hadn’t seen her work before but when I saw the picture Loop posted on Facebook of the buttons (the ones in the header in her website).  I really wanted to give it ago! (Aren’t they cute & amazing?!) And so even though it was a gloriously sunny day, I spent the majority of it inside, but I had a great time.

These are the two that I made:

It was very therapeutic doing all the stitches even if by the end of the day my back was killing me and my fingers hurt. (Its quite hard to sew properly when your fingers are sweating from the heat.)  I also met some other very lovely ladies and had a great time.

I also know I had more that I wanted to say on Saturday after the class, when I utterly exhausted and just collapsed watching Eurovision and didn’t write a blog post. (Why yes I do watch Eurovision, its cheesy fun.)

I do however now have a few ideas of how to ‘geek’ up such techniques,  just have to figure out quite what I’d do and what I’d use the things for. I mean further buttons? Christmas decorations? Embellishments on a wallet? (Although that would involve me sewing the thing first…) Its not like I don’t have enough things to do as is. Still we shall see. Perhaps I should finish some warhammer models first…


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A thoughtful Xmas gift

So I got quite a nice haul for Christmas, some DVD’s; the complete series of The Mysterious Cities of Gold ( I wonder how this bears up with what I remember from childhood, which to be honest isn’t very much), Season 5 of Doctor Who (still missing season 4 though, not quite sure how that happened). Nigel Slater Kitchen Diary’s, which on the one hand the layout seems somewhat awkward, but it should prove an interesting read, I do like his fairly straight forward recipes. Plus a few other bits and pieces, no knitting stuff but I did finally get a rotary cutter and cutting mat. So no excuses for me to not make that quilt set I got last year!!

Hubby, being the clever man that he is, also bought me the following book.

I must say I was a little dubious when I opened it and saw the cover. We’re both quite practice people we don’t believe in any of this stuff.  But when I had a flick through I realised what it was, a reference guide to what things mean, be they symbol, plant, animal etc.

As someone who tends to write fantasy based stories this is incredibly useful, especially if I want to have a play about with particular tropes!  So it should help me with my stories.

Hubby is clearly hoping that I will now no longer pester him with question like. ‘What plans represent protection?’ or ‘what does x creature represent?’ I can now simply pick up the book and have a look through it. (Which er may take a while there’s over 500 pages).  (I’ll probably still ask though 😉 )

I’m looking forward to finding the time to have a flick through it! Now I simply need to find shelf space for it.



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Christmas Decorations Done!!

Yes I know it’s Feb… but I’ve finally finished those Xmas decorations I was working on! I actually finished them last week but I completely forgot to take a picture and blog about it.

So here is Mr Polar Bear who I’ve blogged about before:
Finished Polar Bear

Glove Front


Glove Back




So if you look carefully the sewing isn’t perfect, but this was my first real sewing project so I don’t think it’s that bad. 🙂  Least now I have the start of my own Xmas decoration box.

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Mysterious Present & Warhammer 40K

So I got my Mysterious Extra Christmas Present today. I’m quite excited:

Luckily it’s just for wall decoration so it’s not HUGE, but this will potentially (when I get around to it) be my first ever quilt. 🙂 Although I might need to get some more sewing stuff like an embroidery hoop, and some quilters thread.. (I have no idea what that means, hows is that different to normal thread) and a quilting needle (again… how is this different to a normal needle?). Of course before I need those things I need to cut out and put everything together, which means I need rotary cutter.

Also in other Warhammer 40k related news, our local GW is doing their own take of a tale of 4 gamers. If no one has ever read a Games Workshop magazine, this is where 4 people choose an army and paint it all up in a specific time frame. Our local shop is doing this to try and motivate people into getting their army’s painted. Which is what I sorely need as I have pretty much a usable Blood Angles army (almost just need to finish building 1 or two honour guard) that are not painted. (I also have some Warhammer Chaos that need to be finished too, but the challenge is for 40k armies.) So the challenge for this first month is to paint a HQ and 2 troop choices in at least 3 different colours, handily for Space Marines troops come with a min of 5 models. Now while I do actually almost have 10 troop models painted from two different squads (thus mostly filling what I need to do.). Hopefully I will be able to paint a few more than that which would be good. (Also not like normal space marines aren’t hard to paint!)  Although what is making me nervous is painting the shading on the camo I’ve got on my scouts. Thats going to be fiddly! Anyway once I’ve got some more painted there shall be pictures. 🙂

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Polar Bear!

So… ages ago I believe I posted that I’d bought and received an Xmas decoration kit, I finally got around to getting at least one of the 3 decorations done last weekend. (I made a start on the 2nd.. but it’s taking much longer than I anticipated so I guess I’ll have all 3 by next year.)

I decided to go for Mr Polar Bear first as he seemed the simplest.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear 1

Polar Bear 2

I think he’s looking a bit confused here!

Polar Bear 3

Almost done!

Polar Bear 4

The finished bear!

Finished Polar Bear

This took me a quite a few hours, and I will confess that there was a point where I thought I’d finished, I popped him on the tree and then the next day I was like ‘hang on where is his scarf! he will get cold without it! oh noes!’ and thus down he had to come till I’d done his scarf.


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So much to do…

I have a lot of things to do at the moment, perhaps I need to work out a schedule to do it?

1. Finish writing the missing scenes from my NaNoWriMo novel so that I at least have a finished first draft that I can send to people to read.

2. Find people to read said novel

3. Finish the short story that I started writing on the day that I completed the 50k words for NaNo.

4. Make those Xmas decorations that I bought. (Preferably BEFORE Xmas >_<)

5. Sew on the Zip to a cardigan that I finished knitting MONTHS AGO. (Preferably soon as it’s cold!)

6. Finish my mum’s birthday present (that was back in August!)

7. Paint some more of my warhammer stuff!! (Not touched that since before October.)

8. Sort out my photos for blog posts I should have done for October and November.

(Noticing a pattern here?)

9. Purchase fabric to make the bag pattern that I bought ages ago. (And made a tester for which leads on to…)

10. Decorate said test bag that I made. (It’s all boring and beige.)

11. Finish Fable 3 >_< (I have stared both 1 and 2 and never actually finished them… lets not do the same with 3 now that I’m half way through it.)

12. Plug in my hard drive that has all our game saves on….. Cause I’d like to play more Dragon Age (also have to purchase and finish all the DLC and Awakenings before DA2!)

*sigh* I’m sure there is more….

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Xmas Decorations

I need to get on with writing my NaNoWriMo as I haven’t done very much on it at all today. I spent lunch time going to buy myself a brand spanking new coat. I’ve never actually bought anything that expensive (or at least expensive for me) but it is really nice. 🙂 (Though I’m taking the belt it comes with as I feel like it makes the coat looks like a bathrobe.)

Anyway I came home to find that this had arrived in the post:

😀 yaaay!!!

I bought it from Posie Gets Cozy, I’ve been reading her blog for a while and every now and then when she releases a new sewing pattern she will do kits with them. This one is very xmas decorations and a) I just fell in love with that red coat and b) I though it would be a great opportunity to have some sewing practice.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get started this month. Ooh exciting! 😀

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