Red Seas Under Red Skies – Read Along Wk3

This week’s questions are from  Ashley who posts at SF Signal as is on twitter at @ohthatashley and they cover Chapter 7 to the end of Chapter 10.  And what an action packed set of chapters they are! Some serious twists and turns.

1. Locke and Jean’s ability to find themselves at the center of a serious mess seems unparalleled. At this point, do you think that Stragos will get the return he expects on his investment in them?

I’m not so sure, IF and I say IF Locke listen’s to Jean then possibly not? It’s possible they might think of a way to do what the Archon wants but also screws him over in some way or do it but not screw the pirates over? (Honestly don’t know how.)  Of course that leads on to the answers to question two, considering what Merrain did, the Stragos is already finding his plan messier than he anticipated.

2. Merrain’s activities after our boys leave Windward Rock are interesting. What do you think her plans are?

Assassin! I don’t know whether its specifically her plans but clearly she is worried that what? If there is nothing for Locke & Jean to do they’ll have time and interfere with the plans of whoever it is she works for? She has well and truly screwed them over. If the Stragos wasn’t going to kill them before he’s going to want to now. And even with all his fast talking I don’t know whether Locke could talk him out of it – even if he had the chance.

3. Does anyone know why having cats aboard the ship is so important?

I suspect it was originally because they got rid of the rats? (Although what would they eat once all the rats were dead? I suppose you’d just have to hope the ship wasn’t becalmed or anything and that you’d get to another port. ) Possibly it also helps with crew moral. I mean they just have to look at you with those big eyes and mew in that pathetic way they have…. we know who the true captains of the ship are! 😉

(Lets hope none of the crew have allergies!)

4. The word “mutiny” creates a lot of mental pictures. Were you surprised? Why or why not?

Once we knew he’d forgotten the cats (tut tut Locke) then no I wasn’t surprised. I mean they *might* have been able to hide/pull something off if Caldris hadn’t died. Poor guy, when he turned up in pain I was half afraid that maybe the poison had hit him earlier but I think it could be that he was just having a heart attack from all the stress?  I was a bit worried about their fates but Jabril is a nice guy and he knows his stuff. Locke though has to be one of the luckiest people alive! To be put out to see in a rowing boat and to then get picked up by a pirate crew not a few hours later?

5. Ah, the Poison Orchid. So many surprises there, not the least of which were the captain’s children. Did you find the young children a natural part of the story?

I think I might be in the same position Jean was in. I mean I know its important to keep a ship ‘ship shape’ but at the same time they seem quite ‘nice’? Strict with the rules, but at least if you know what the rules are you know where you stand. I was a little surprised about the children but at the same time, I can’t see Drakasha (where does Lynch get these names from? Their great) trusting anyone with them, especially not when she could spend weeks at sea. Also its clear that she loves them a lot.

What I do find odd is that its an equal shares ship – that’s nice, but they’re about to take on some more crew won’t that piss the rest of the crew off? That means whatever they get is going to go down. I guess they could lose quite a few crew to boarding actions and perhaps some will decide to leave the ship once they get off. But then perhaps its enough that they serve under a good captain and work on what is clearly a good ship. They might grumble a bit but they’ll be ok with it in the end.

6. Jean is developing more and more as a character as we get further in to the book. Ezri makes the comment to him that “Out here, the past is a currency, Jerome. Sometimes it’s the only one we have.” I think several interesting possibilities are coming into play regarding Jean and Ezri. What about you?

I love it! The flirting, the way she held up her hands like a picture frame and said  “You’re not even real yet, your just a hazy something on the horizon.” because he’s not yet officially on the crew yet. I was kind of worried about her deciding to take part in the boarding action. Lynch does like to kill people off, and to be honest I’m still worried about her injuries. I think her and Jean would be good together but at the same time I can’t see how it would work. Jean might be happy joining a pirate ship but I can’t see Locke settling like that. (Particularly as there are more books to come in the series.)

7. As we close down this week’s reading, the Thorn of Camorr is back! I love it, even with all the conflict.  Several things from their Camorri background have come back up. Do you think we will see more Camorri characters?

Ohhh I don’t know… I mean they’re in a completely different city, it would be really weird if The Spider turned up or… hmm well who else is there that was important in the other books.

Other Thoughts:

Locke Locke Locke.. he is smart and clever but sometimes he is such a moron, he doesn’t always actually listen to what people say. (Lacking some common sense at times). We all know sailors are a bloody superstitious lot, and yet he forgot those cats. >_< He didn’t appriciate what he was being told. Also at the end of Chapter 10? After that conversation with Jean. I worry about him. The Archon, while I do like his ideas, only cares about his people and is willing to kill off a whole lot of others to get what he wants. Pirates, while this lot they’ve fallen in with are ‘nice’ and seem fairly honourable aren’t that often nice people. Stealing from people, and sometimes worse. But Locke? He’s allowing his need for revenge to consume him, and isn’t that what happened with The Grey King? I wonder if this is why Jean was turning traitor in the prologue…  Locke can’t let go of anything and if he isn’t careful he’s going to turn into a monster. He doesn’t have to get back at the Archon for what he did, he could be a bigger man and move on with his life – on to a new escaped (not sure I can see Locke doing that either, he always has to have the last word).



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14 responses to “Red Seas Under Red Skies – Read Along Wk3

  1. I had mixed feelings about the children on board, part of me thinks how else would she ever see her children but then another part of me thinks it seems to put them at an awful risk. Then again you can see how much they love each other and the whole crew look out for them, but what if the ship sinks – okay, I’ve just turned into Gollum, ‘it burns us, it freezes us!’
    I can’t make up my mind with that one. I suppose they’d all be incredibly unhappy if they weren’t together so maybe what they have now is the best option.
    Nice pirates! It’s just such a contradiction in terms isn’t it? Not to mention, nice, clever pirates – what next? Respectability!
    Lynn 😀

    • kaitharshayr

      Yeah I’m torn about the children on the ship to, on the one hand what if there’s a bad storm or they get attacked? But then if there’s no one she trusts at home to look after them, surely this is the better option?

      • I think the fact that it’s an equal shares ship and that Drakasha has so many rules designed to protect and benefit the crew makes it a bit safer for her to have the kids on board. Plus she gets to raise them herself as opposed to never seeing them. I thought it was a cute touch; she doesn’t have to choose between being a pirate and a mother.

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  4. I think Caldris got the short end of the stick. He was planning to retire, have a house, hobbies, wife, etc. and then Stragos yanks him by the short and curlies into this insaneness and now he is dead. Sucks.

    I also worry about the repercussions of that fight between Jean and Locke at the end of Chpt. 10. Locke’s ego played a part in getting a good chunk of his crew killed in Book 1 and now I see a shadow of that same megalomaniacal ego flaring up again. I think Jean senses it too and has put his foot down.

    • kaitharshayr

      I know poor Caldris, and the fact that the Stragos poisoned him too? Does the man have no faith in anybody? I suppose if he had just asked Caldris he would have told him it was a stupid plan – which lets face it it was.

      Maybe Jean putting his foot on will help Locke to stop being so selfish at times? Who knows.

  5. I was also wondering if that is why Jean turns traitor in the prologue. But as I haven’t yet guessed anything correctly about what might come about in Mr. Lynch’s stories, I wonder if this one will prove true.

    Btw, I couldn’t believe Locke forgot the cats! After being repeatedly told of their importance! 🙂 This one obviously wasn’t one of his planned set-ups so he didn’t consider all points in details as he usually does.

  6. I think the fact that rats are very, very good at making lots of baby rats keeps the cats in food pretty much all the time.

    I guess the crew are OK about new arrivals because it replaces the fallen, but also keeps them at higher numbers than most ships and so they are more likely to overwhelm them and gain more loot. Plus they get the really crappy jobs! 😀

    • kaitharshayr

      Thats true, rat’s do breed pretty damn fast! I’d expect you’d pick new ones up every time you were in port too.

  7. Locke Locke Locke.. he is smart and clever but sometimes he is such a moron, he doesn’t always actually listen to what people say

    very true, and a bit worrysome. It seems like the only person Locke ever listened at all to was Chains. I’m incredibly curious to see how he evolves as a character in future books, because yes, he does have a terrible potential to become a vengeful monster.

    I never even thought about that, that adding to the crew means everyone gets a smaller share, but duh, of course! But I imagine it’s sort of like a commune, living on pirate ship. you might get a share of some money, but until you make port, there is nothing to spend it on.

  8. You’re right about Locke having his moron moments, especially when he gets caught up in the moment – I hope those cats he was meant to bring are okay in that storage shed! Anyway, turning anyone into a sailor is a tall order and takes time. The rush to get Locke and Jean out at sea meant that they were underprepared and the Archon knew this so I think he might have some different scheme. Either that or he’s a fool who really does believe the hype about the Thorn of Camorr.

    The readalong is split between people who advocate responsible parenting – keeping children away from pirates, shoggoths, kraken and other besties – and those who want warrior mothers! I can see the arguments for both sides but I still think that having your own children on board is too risky.

  9. I don’t know if I would call Locke lucky. I mean, he did get “rescued” from the consequences of the mutiny but the way he’s been getting into trouble, he qualifies for troublephilia.

  10. Ha, you’re right, Locke is such a moron sometimes! He totally deserved the mutiny and the naked dancing, if he was paying better attention, that wouldn’t have happened.
    And I also think Ezri and Jean would look good together, but Lynch probably has some horrible things in stock for them…

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