The Lies of Locke Lamora – Read along Wk4

On to week 4 of the read along and things are really picking up in the book! 🙂 This post coveres  Chapter Nine through to Chapter thirteen “Orchids and Assassins” , questions from Ashley, who posts on Monday at SF Signal.

There are even more spoilers in THIS post than in the last one so really do not read it if you haven’t read the books and are planning to.

  1. In the chapter “A Curious Tale for Countess Amberglass” we
learn of the tradition of the night tea in Camorr. I found that not so
much fantastical as realistic – how about you?

I really liked this bit, it shows just how ‘normal’ the world can be.  Its not afternoon tea like we used to have in England but it made me think of that. As the ladies would often have tea around 4-5ish because they were hungry and the men were still at work. It all makes the world that bit more alive. 🙂

2.      When Jean meets with what will become the Wicked Sisters for
the first time, the meeting is described very much like how people
feel when they find their true work or home. Agree? Disagree? Some of

I guess so, its something I’ve seen used in other books as well. About how some temperament are better suited to different weapons.  I’ve never really thought about things in terms of true work/home. There are things I like and have taken to well, which I guess follows along the same lines, this is just something that Jean is naturally better at, then dual wielding swords.

3.      Salt devils. Bug. Jean. The description is intense. Do you
find that description a help in visualizing the scene? Do you find
yourself wishing the description was occasionally – well – a little
less descriptive?

No. Yes. Maybe. It was about the right level of detail for me, as I’ve mentioned before I have a bad habit of skim reading descriptions. So I don’t always take everything in. (I just had to re-read the scene to really get the visual image.) But on the other hand if that had been a fight between humans it might have gotten to me. I think my tolerance for gore is getting much lower as I get older. And its not that I think “oh the author shouldn’t’ have written that” it’s more that I physically can’t handle it.  I have had 2 episodes this year where I have nearly fainted on the tube due to ‘gory’ bits in books. :/  In this case its more the visual that the Salt Devils look like spiders that bothers me! 🙂 But its in my imagination I don’t have to see them fully if I don’t want, unlike in a computer game (Dragon Age 2 I’m looking at you!) Its nice to see what weird and sometimes not so wonderful creatures inhabit that inhabit the world. 🙂

4.      This section has so much action in it, it’s hard to find a
place to pause. But…but.. oh, Locke. Oh, Jean. On their return to the
House of Perelandro, their world is turned upside down. Did you see it

No. I thought what had happened in the previous section with Locke almost being killed in a coffin of piss was pretty big but then…. I mean I figured Jean would save him, and then I thought with what the Grey King or Capa Raza has then even with all of them it could be a challenge to get take him down.. but this? Wow. Oh Bug, what did you think you were doing? 😦

It makes me wonder how things are going to go from here, I don’t know what could top what just happened!

5.      Tavrin Callas’s service to the House of Aza Guilla is recalled
at an opportune moment, and may have something to do with saving a
life or three. Do you believe Chains knew what he set in motion? Why
or why not?

No I don’t think he did, but I’m pretty sure they are going to have to pull on every scrap of training that Chains gave them, and wish they had more in order to survive this and to get the revenge they want.

6.      As Locke and Jean prepare for Capa Raza, Dona Vorchenza’s
remark that the Thorn of Camorr has never been violent – only greedy
and resorting to trickery – comes to mind again. Will this pattern

Hmmmm. (I’m answering this question after I answered the one below..) I think the Thorn will become more ruthless, not out right violence that draws way to much attention. But its no longer about greed, they’ll need to get money to be able to do their plans but… well the situation is personal now. Its no longer about simply having fun.

7.      Does Locke Lamora or the Thorn of Camorr enter Meraggio’s
Countinghouse that day? Is there a difference?

It never occurred to me to think about it like that but, I think at the moment it might be a little bit of both.  And actually I wonder if Locke might need to channel the Thorn of Camorr more, become that bit more ruthless. Build up a facade around himself (like the Grey King did) that will allow him to outsmart the Grey King or I suppose I should call him Capa Raza now. I think it was Locke who pointed out the man is not subtle, he’s been clever and had the advantage of surprise over everyone, but I think Locke can be much sneakier. And considering how elaborate his schemes are (all that hassle to get a set of clothes) then… it’ll be tough, and its not going to all go his way but I think they might have a chance. I think it might be hard to read though, just in terms of innocent bystanders getting caught up, like poor Benjavier having his whole life completely destroyed. Keeps things nice and gritty and it has to be done but it does make me wince, you can’t hate Locke for it but at the same time you wish it wasn’t so.

I have a couple more comments/speculations to make, I really like to witter on don’t I? 🙂  (Its kind of also fun to see how wrong/right I am.)  I’m really interested to see how things are going to go with the dinner and the trap the Spyder has laid… I thought what the Grey King did would have shot that all to hell. But at this rate Locke’s going to walk right into it… I do wonder if those two are going to work together, Locke does need resources to deal with Capa Raza.



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14 responses to “The Lies of Locke Lamora – Read along Wk4

  1. I know, poor Bug – I was trying to shout at him to stand still – so bloody stubborn! and reckless!! Really, what were you thinking.
    The think is, I can’t really see Locke being ruthless – he just doesn’t seem bloodthirsty although he has plenty of motivation now so we’ll see.
    I loved the scene with the Salt Devils – it was almost overwhelming – I was just really distracted the whole while thinking about Locke trapped in his barrel.
    Lynn 😀

    • kaitharshayr

      I don’t think he’ll be completely ruthless, he’s not going to want to hurt innocent bystanders but I think he’s going to need to harden up to deal with someone like capa Raza, who is utterly ruthless.

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  4. nrlymrtl

    In this section we had the salt devil spiders and also talk at Dona Vorchenza’s of the Duke’s Spider, which took me a little while to figure out they were alluding to kind of like a spy organization, information gathering. I think I read that Walsimgham during Q. Elizabeth’s reign was also called ‘the spider’ for his intelligence services. But I didn’t put those two bits together at the time of first reading this passage.

  5. I too am biting my nails on Locke’s behalf as he blithely walks into the Spider’s trap: No, Locke! Don’t do it!!!! 😦

    • Same here. I had hoped that the Capa Raza thing would keep him out of the Spider’s trap, but I suppose not. My only other hope is that the Spider will ask his help at getting rid of Raza, but I doubt that it will play out that way.

    • kaitharshayr

      I’m curious as what will happen, I kind of want to to happen. Just so he can get caught and then the two can team up and I can cheer for them both against Capa Raza…. but its totally not going to be that simple! 🙂

  6. “7. Does Locke Lamora or the Thorn of Camorr enter Meraggio’s
    Countinghouse that day? Is there a difference?

    It never occurred to me to think about it like that but, I think at the moment it might be a little bit of both.”

    I thought this was a great question, as I hadn’t analyzed this situation either. I think the Thorn of Camorr entered Meraggio’s. To me, the difference between Locke and the Thorn is that the Thorn is always acting a part, and Locke is the behind-the-scenes playwright.

  7. I’m with you on “Oh Bug, what did you think you were doing?” I still don’t understand.

  8. I can handle a little bit more gore than you, but not much. I think the snippets that Lynch puts in the Salt Devils scene, about how they are usually timid, and what the sailors do with them, helps offset the violence and grossness. And you’re right, it would be completely different if it was a fight between people, but since they are bloodthirsty creepy disgusting animals. . . it’s different!

    poor Bug. i cry everytime at that last scene with him. every damn time. Lynch, why do you have to rip my heart out like that???

    In one of the interviews that Scott Lynch did, he described Locke as not so much a klepto, but someone who gets drunk off stealing and tricking people. But I have to wonder – if he knew he was being trapped by the Spider, would he still go? Does he think he can trick and connive his way out of a trap? because of course, knowing it’s a trap, is half the battle.

    • kaitharshayr

      When I read this I thought perhaps pre-Grey King he might have still gone in even knowing it was a trap as it would be a challenge. But I wonder now if it wouldn’t be the other way around. He might not risk it before but now, well they *need* that money in order to help them come up with something to deal with Capa Raza.

  9. Bug has gotten the best honorable death there could be, I guess. Someone would have taken this arrow somewhere, and if not him it would have been Locke. Would Bug forgive himself for living in his place while he’s barely capable of handling the death-offering for his brothers? Not sure. It sucks big time, but it was probably the right thing to do.

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