Mass Effect 3 Ending – Part 2

So I posted my thoughts on the ending yesterday (yes there are spoilers here) and then I saw some posts talking about a certain theory on the end game.

Cutting this post for spoilers now.

The Indoctrination Theory.

Here’s one link talking about this theory (I’m sure there are others if you google it) plus a vidoe which explains the theory. This video is of the end game sequence if you haven’t played it and don’t want spoilers, why are you still reading this post?

[A massive amazing thank you to those people who have puzzled this out and spent time thinking abuot this.]

IF and yes I realise how big an IF this is right now. IF this theory is true (and seriously when you watch the video it makes a crazy amount of sense)  and IF there is DLC coming with the real end sequence. Then omg I think it could be the most amazing ending ever.

Theres so many notes in the video that fit with what happened and explain so much, but now I’m worried. Because I’m now really really really hoping that this is what has happened, that we are just being fooled. And if that’s the case then its brilliant! I think it would be a genius ending!  If its not… if its people reading to much into it then…  well I will be sad. 😦

I saw something that said it seemed odd if it was true because usually everything is explained clearly in the series there’s no confusion about what’s happening and that this would be a very different story telling mechanic. But IF it’s true then why not?  Its damned clever and unique. It would show a different way to end games. But again there’s that if.

And then you see posts from the Execs talking about how they are taking the feedback on board and thinking about things. Is that because they have messed the ending up? That what we have is the actual ending. Or is it because they want to keep any possible DLC that has the actual ending (IF the theory is correct) a secret still. Maybe they’re saying these things because they are figuring out a new release strategy?  Or considering whether they should charge for the DLC? Who knows. There are so many IFs here. Apparently we’ll hear more in April. I’m kind of nervous now because both me and hubby think that the theory presented in the video would be so cool and just makes sense…… :S Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



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4 responses to “Mass Effect 3 Ending – Part 2

  1. Justaidan

    Actually prior to things getting all hectic surrounding the endings EA/Bioware’s PR people were all ‘Wink Wink’ in their responses, even linking directly to the thread forum at one stage.

    That youtube video misses loads of stuff, like the fact that the body piles you see are composed of nothing but faceless bodies dressed in Kaiden and Ashley’s armour style from ME1 and the pipe you shoot in the destroy choice is a direct copy of the pipe you shot when fighting the human proto-reaper in ME2. This ties in with the whole “everything in the last 10 minutes are from Shepards memory”. ‘Anderson’ even alludes to that at the start “This is exactly like your description of the collector base”.

    Honestly if it was indoctrination I would be very surprised after hanging out on the bioware thread here:
    Really long and lots more details in the thread.

  2. Justaidan

    Sry correction “if it *wasn’t* the indoctrination I etc”

  3. kaitharshayr

    Yeah my hubby just played The Arrival again and was remined that Indoctrination can start with lots of weird dreams – and would you look at that Shepard is dreaming of running through a forest, hearing voices, chasing a dead child. I’d call that weird 🙂

    And yes giving the amount of time Shepard has spent amongst the reapers why wouldn’t s/he be indoctrinated. S/he isn’t magically immune.

    Not saying that I don’t want more DLC (because I don’t want the story to end) but with this as an explication I can almost live without any extra stuff just because I think it’s really awesome and very clever 🙂

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