Not completely broken

As I have posted before, I’ve had a few issues with my upper back. Or rather around the scapula, as my doctor kindly pointed out, because the issue isn’t really my back it was my shoulder (or so we thought) and it just confuses the issue if I say back. However this doctor (unlike the one I went to see right before xmas, who really wasn’t very helpful) did recommend physiotherapy, as she agreed with my mum that the muscle seems slightly out of place. She also said I should see about my wrist as I have lost flexibility in it, and we wondered if it might be related to the shoulder issues.

So after finally booking an appointment off I went to Physio. Turns out, after a 50 minute session, which consisted of a lot of talking, moving my arms around in different positions and lifting weights that the issue is actually with my neck muscles. I basically do not have the strength to really support that area of my back properly. So it affects my shoulder, and when that starts to hurt it circles back around to my neck – which circles down to my shoulder – which goes back up – you get the picture.

This has actually affected my range of motion to an extent which I hadn’t quite realised. In one exercise I had to raise both elbows, I couldn’t see where they were when I raised them, but I put the same effort into each and assumed they were the same height. They weren’t. When the Physio raised my right elbow up where the my left was, I could feel my muscles working harder. Its more obvious when I have to lift any weight, it takes much more effort.

But my wrist issue is not related. I just happen to be wearing out on the same side at the same time. The wrist is because I get RSI from time to time and even when it wasn’t hurting it was still affecting it, which leads on to now where I’ve lost a fair bit flexibility and strength. (Meaning that, even though I want to do Yoga to help with my back/shoulder, I can’t physically do a lot of the forms. Also as a right handed person my right hand should not be weaker than my left.)

The good news though? My physio says that it should all be fixable! Yay! So I have my homework, and further appointments booked. Guess I’ll see how it goes.


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  1. catconnor

    So glad you have made progress and it’s fixable!! 🙂

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