ME3 Demo – Initial thoughts

Can I have more?! Seriously March 9th feels so very very far away right now. (Especially as it’s out in the states on the 6th.. Why can’t you release it at the same time??)

And yes I may well have been refreshing the ME3 Demo page waiting for it to become available… Its not like I’m really excited about being able to play the game or anything!

I am just aching to hear all the brilliant conversations between everyone, to find out just how we’re going to save the universe, kick some Reaper ass, to see what an awesome fleet I’ve assembled (I saved the Rachni so I’m really curious to see if/how they will help) and of course sort out that romance with Kaiden!

The demo teases me so much with all of that, only a brief glimpse of Kaiden where he says about 3 sentences. Some back and forth conversations with Shepard, Wrex (YES!! Wrex is the best), Garrus & Liara hinting at what you’re up to. (Building your big alliance by the sound of it, but I want to know what’s going on, exactly who wants what?!!)  And of course there’s Cerberus – What the hell are you up to?!?! Evil Bastards. >:|

It was interesting when I first started up the demo to see everything look very similar (almost identical in places) to the ME1 character set up.  When I mentioned this to hubby he pointed out to me that whole thing about ME2 being orange. And I realised I might have been a bit slow. Orange = Cerberus, hence the very different look to some of the screens. Blue = Alliance.

It was intriguing to see something that was a bit different in the set up screens. Normally in a game you can choose between Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties (and of course some games might well have difficulties above that). However ME3 gives you the options of Action, RPG and Story.

Action – All combat

RPG – Normal ME

Story – Combat is pretty easy and focuses more on the story

This potentially gives the game a very very different feel for each of these, and actually makes me curious to replay the game on each variant to see how they differ.

What was also interesting was that in the character set up for a new character you can choose who has died so numerous for ME2 stuff, or pick between Kaidan or Ashley. (Seeing as I kept my crew alive in ME2 I may well try this option at some point, am very curious as to how that plays out.)

The combat itself doesn’t feel quite like ME2. Yes there is cover, but I seemed to also be able to stand about a little bit and shoot out of cover without dying instantly. I think you might have slightly better shields than in 2. But it is difficult to tell from one combat level in the demo. Still the movement is pretty slick, sliding in and out of cover. And I do like the rolling mechanic – although I  did this several times when I didn’t want to, so I might just need to get used to the fact that Shepard can now do this.

*sigh* I’ll just impatiently tap my fingers for the next three weeks now…..


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