Conception 2012 (RPG convention)

So this time last year it was freezing cold and we were staying in a caravan. Yes that’s right a caravan in January! Well this year we (me, hubby and some friends – Hubby came on Friday due to work commitments.) are being much more civilised. We are staying in a lodge, this time on site. So no having to drive anywhere, nor having to smuggle sandwiches in either. Can roll out of bed later and just walk over to the con.

Also got to appreciate the usefulness of the Google Star Map App. It was pretty clear some of the nights so not only got to see Venus, Jupiter and Mars but could also work out what constellations were about!  I’d fogotten that I’d actually downloaded it until someone mentioned they had it on their iPad. There’s not much point using it in London, too much light pollution.

So onto the games!

Cut for lengh

Wed evening – Three Sixteen

This is a very simple game. Think of it simply as Starship Troopers in RPG form. You go to planets and you shoot any bugs you find (or in our case rock monsters and apes). We didn’t play it quite to the rules as it was a con game (having bought the book though there isn’t much difference). But after the first planet (we visited two) I managed to get some weapon upgrades and went up in rank to Corporal. Second planet we (well one player) shot the Lieutenant (NPC) that was with us – he was rather smarmy and we blamed it on enemy action, got away with it too and rescued everyone. 🙂  I think I might go more into the game rules in a separate post as it’s a pretty good game!

Thursday Morning – Werewolf: The Forsaken

Not much to say here really. It’s a White Wolf game. The game itself was pretty laid back. Bickering was had, things were accomplished. Not sure the GM ran it quite right, with us rolling our defence values as I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be static like Exalted, but to be fair Wearwolves pretty nasty in their war form.

Thursday Afternoon/Evening – Dark Heresy – Ascension Level (double slot so 8 hour game)

Ahh Dark Heresy – this was a very well set up game. The GM had typed up backgrounds for everyone – where people had met others in different situations. Given everyone little mini aims to achieve throughout the game – so for example mine where things like keep the Inquisitor out of trouble, repair a device I had ‘broken’ when I’d taken it apart of fix (I was a Magos – Tech Priest) and summaries on their opinions of the other party members.

I throughly enjoyed it. In character bickering, the hunting down of heretics, a squad of space marines and then a fight against a Blood Thirster (nasty!!). Which the psyker managed to banish on his second attempt. (Although I think we were doing quite well at damaging it before that happened.)

Friday Morning – Doctor Who

I don’t think I need to explain the Doctor Who setting ;). We were playing with a group who had found a TARDIS with a working Chameleon chip. The game picked up after an old episode of Doctor Who. 1984 and Unit had found some strange containers in a warehouse in the docklands. We turned up (I was playing an Alien who had been on the TARDIS when the others found it.) and helped Unit out and then fought some Daleks. The GM himself was a little repetitive with descriptions, but the system itself is pretty easy & fun it is written to represent how Doctor Who works. Again might do separate post on the actual system stuff.

Friday Afternoon – Cthulhu

Ah I do love a bit of Cthulhu, there were fairies that only one character could see, dangerous summonings (because my character didn’t know any better, who believes in fairies etc anyway 😉 ) and somewhat hilarious body swapping. Of course the blokes did the obvious thing once they were in a female body and ran to have a look in the mirrors.. *eye rolls* In the end we managed to stop the end of the world from happening but we didn’t swap our bodies back. Apparently that’s in another game.

No game Friday evening as hubby was turning up now. The curse of working as a teacher meaning that you can’t really get time off during the week when its not holiday time.

Saturday Morning – Deathwatch

Less Deathwatch and more an amalgamation of the three games, I was playing a Rogue Trader, there were 2 Space Marines, 1 Inquisitor, a heretek and a Cardinal.  It worked pretty well I think, rely on the Space Marines for Combat and everyone else for the more investigatory and technical stuff. The GM made an interesting decision with this game – which I think worked. He simply gave us character backgrounds and a list of skills and some traits. No character sheet with numbers. We simply told him what we rolled and he told us it if passed. One of the reasons for this is that Inquisitors/Rogue Traders at that level can have  a LOT of traits and its a lot to keep track of.

I quite liked some of the gadgets my character had (even though I only ever used one) an alien device that could make people forget the last 5 minutes (or longer if desired) disguised as a ‘laser pistol’. A whistle that would open any type of locked door. An eye piece that allowed me to see in different spectrum including time. (Yes you can imagine I was quite careful with an Inquisitor wondering around on my ship :P)

We journeyed to a planet that had been in the warp for 10,000 years (only a week for them). Discovered a whole missing Chapter of Space Marines who had hidden themselves on the planet to wait for the right time. Most of us ended up joining the Space Marines (who had allied with the Necrons – dirty aliens) in order to fight a war against the warp. Technically I was playing a heretic who was in the Resurrectionalists and was looking for ‘The Golden One’. (I believe a Primark in Gold Armour does kind of count as ‘The Golden One’.)

Saturday Afternoon – Qin

I own Qin, it’s pretty and interesting and so was looking forward to playing it. I have to say the game turned out to be somewhat farcical. I got a bit of a feel for the rules. However there were a lot of dirty jokes and sillyness – which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you’re playing in what is essentially an historical game then it doesn’t quite work. Also we were being rail roaded somewhat – which on the one had is fine for a Con game its a one shot. But when the GM keeps saying ‘You can do what you want.. but actually.. you should go here..’ then.. :/

Saturday Evening – Savage Worlds – X-files themed

Savage Worlds is more designed for action games, but it seemed to work fairly well for an X-files game. A good GM helps. 🙂 It was 1963 – A small town near the Florida Swamps. A place rife with racism and inbreeding. The FBI had been sent to investigate a murder, which lead on to strange swamp monsters/zombie things, giant white Alligators (25foot!) and then strange metal objects stuck in the swamp leaking green goo. (Clearly a crashed Russian Satellite obviously!)

I was signed up for a Dragon Age game on Sunday morning, actually I was signed up for one game (Kagamitsu) then switched to a Savage Worlds game (run by the same GM who did the prev Savage world game and 3:16) and then saw Dragon Age. So in the interest of science (For Science!! – Yes I may have played too much Portal) I signed up for that. Only to have the game cancelled due to the GM losing their voice. I am unsure whether this was because a) they were genuinely sick or b) they just stayed up too late the night before drinking. So I pretty much spent the entire morning reading through the rules for Hot War. (1960s game where the apocalypse did occur – nukes were fired as well as other ‘things’ – and its set in London. I will probably try and do a review type thing of it for The Girls Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse)

I am a bit disapointed that I missed out on the Firefly: Cthulhu game. Yes that’s right. Firefly + Cthulhu.  Blue Sun was mentioned, so I suspect they have been messing about with things they shouldn’t.


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