Sitting comfortably?

So I’m about to be somewhat boring here but at the same time this is something that has been bugging me at home for quite a while. Months ago I posted about back issues that I was having. These sort of went away for a bit but recently my shoulder issues have been flaring up with a vengeance. Added to that RSI now flaring in my left wrist, and now not being able to bend my right hand properly typing at computers and in fact doing most things has been really difficult. At work I have been able to combat this somewhat by requesting a graphics tablet (Wacom’s Bamboo) instead of a mouse. This has helped somewhat as my arm seems to be in a better position now, and i’m not constantly resting my hand on the mouse and twisting my arm into an unnatural position.  See here

Also not doing a constant clicking motion with my index finger seems to help a lot. The tapping motion on the tablet is a lot gentler.

So at work I’m fairly ok. At home though? Home wasn’t so good.

I’ve started doing a lot of writing and this has meant I have constantly been moving about the house to try and find a good position. Before my shoulders flared up again I was generally ok sitting in a comfy chair with my netbook on my lap. Or propped up on the bed with appropriate pillows for my back. Netbook on a cushion on my lap. But this isn’t so good now, and perhaps this has been a contributing factor? I don’t know.

Why don’t I simply sit at my computer? You ask.

Firstly due to space issues it is on a shitty desk which has a pull out draw for the keyboard.  I cannot physically get comfy at this desk any more. It’s ok for gaming on but sitting for long periods typing? Well I’m sitting at it now typing this post up, you can see the post isn’t so long at the moment and I can already feel my hands complaining. The arms on the desk chair are slightly to high for where the keyboard is to type comfortably and I cannot lower them further.

Secondly if I’m on the PC it means hubby cannot play Fallout/Mass Effect/Dragon Age etc etc.

So I became somewhat grumpy and irritable due to not being able to sit comfortably for a while and setting into writing. Which considering the stage where I’m at with my novel I need to be able to sit down and focus before I start. I’ve written so much already that I need to have an idea at least of what I’m supposed to be writing before I start. Stopping and starting on short stories is a lot easier as there’s less to think about.

I recalled however that I did actually have a perfectly good desk in another room. Albeit one that a) has my sewing machine and stuff on and b) often then covered with Warhammer stuff so I can’t even USE said sewing machine.  Well I decided that this had to stop. We had a tidy up over Xmas with the Warhammer, throwing out quite a few empty boxes. This was especially important as I finally got a rotary cutter and cutting board for Xmas and so I needed space for the board.

However I had no chair. Well I had a dining table chair, but that is not comfortable to sit on for long periods of time and more importantly doesn’t offer that much back support.  Still the problem with ergonomic chairs is that usually they are pretty expensive. Especially if you want them to be fully adjustable (movable arms, seat, back etc etc)/

Still good thing there is Ikea. Although I do advise that going at 4pm on a Sunday when you’re in pain… not a good idea. And for £62 this isn’t bad:

It tilts a bit, seat isn’t too large, and the back is actually a good shape. Its not that adjustable but its pretty comfy for what it is. So hopefully this means I will have somewhere comfy that I can sit and write while not messing anything else up!

Incidentally this is also why I haven’t really done many posts on painting Games Workshop models, I cannot sit for long periods painting them. Today I painted one model brown and then had to stop because my shoulders objected. I was only painting for about 10 minutes, so you can see that at that rate its going to be a while before I EVER finish anything. Which is annoying because I’d really like to finish my Blood Angel army!!



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