A thoughtful Xmas gift

So I got quite a nice haul for Christmas, some DVD’s; the complete series of The Mysterious Cities of Gold ( I wonder how this bears up with what I remember from childhood, which to be honest isn’t very much), Season 5 of Doctor Who (still missing season 4 though, not quite sure how that happened). Nigel Slater Kitchen Diary’s, which on the one hand the layout seems somewhat awkward, but it should prove an interesting read, I do like his fairly straight forward recipes. Plus a few other bits and pieces, no knitting stuff but I did finally get a rotary cutter and cutting mat. So no excuses for me to not make that quilt set I got last year!!

Hubby, being the clever man that he is, also bought me the following book.

I must say I was a little dubious when I opened it and saw the cover. We’re both quite practice people we don’t believe in any of this stuff.  But when I had a flick through I realised what it was, a reference guide to what things mean, be they symbol, plant, animal etc.

As someone who tends to write fantasy based stories this is incredibly useful, especially if I want to have a play about with particular tropes!  So it should help me with my stories.

Hubby is clearly hoping that I will now no longer pester him with question like. ‘What plans represent protection?’ or ‘what does x creature represent?’ I can now simply pick up the book and have a look through it. (Which er may take a while there’s over 500 pages).  (I’ll probably still ask though 😉 )

I’m looking forward to finding the time to have a flick through it! Now I simply need to find shelf space for it.




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