Not quite 100 books in a year….

Really I should have done this post in between Christmas and New Year, but oh well. So this post is a continuation of the one I made back in May 100 books in a year.  I’ve just had a quick skim through that and am glad that I seem to have just beaten my prediction of 40 books in a year. I was almost a little behind so I did have a bit of a push to finish it. Actually if I hadn’t been trying to concentrate on getting my writing done I probably would have read quite a few more.  Its a tough balancing act, and I really wish I could read more, I’m starting to discover quite a lot of new authors that I want to at least try.

(These are almost in the order I read them, although I’ve put those in the same series next to each other and again have bolded the ones I really like.)

21.  Chew v1 – John Layman & Rob Gulliroy
22.  Chew v2
23.  Chew v3
24. Chew v4

A very strange set of graphic novels, about people who have very strange powers (the main character is a Cibopathic – gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats), a world where eating chicken is illegal, and strange alien plants that taste like chicken.  It is very odd, but VERY good. Well worth reading and I’m looking forward to reading the rest.

25. Guns Germs and Steel

A very very interesting book explaining why the world has turned out the way it has. It looks at various factors, such as advisability of plants and animals that could be domesticated. The local environment, disease etc. To give a scientific explanation to things like why Europe were the ones who invaded other countries and not say the Aztecs. Its not simply because some people are better than others.

26. Game of Thrones –  GRRM
27. A Clash of Kings – GRRM
28. A Storm of Swords Pt 1 –  GRRM
29. A Storm of Swords Pt 2  GRRM
30. A Feast for Crows – GRRM

Re-reading all of them so that I could refresh everything before I read A Dance with Dragons. Very good books, full of intrigue, political backstabbing oh and an a big bad evil thing coming from the North that no one believes in any more. Read them.

31. A Dance with Dragons – GRRM

Can I confess here that I actually haven’t yet read the very last 2 chapters? (So I suppose I shouldn’t technically count this here) I got to the big dramatic thing at the end and it broke me. I cried, for quite a long time, I think that’s the most upset I have ever been at events in a book.  (Even hubby didn’t tease me for once for getting soppy over a book!) I put the book down because I couldn’t face reading the last 2 chapters. I haven’t picked it up since then (October I think). I’m not sure why, I could probably cope now but… I don’t know I can’t bring myself to.

32. Changeless – Gail Carriger

Reviewed here.

33. Blameless – Gail Carriger

This did calm the crazed panic I felt after reading Changeless. Everything is alright in the world after all. I still think Soulless is my fave, but this did a lot to help expand the world, explain why the supernatural hate the Templars and why Pesto is a great tool for fighting the supernatural! 🙂

34. Amber  – Roger Zelazny (The second set of 5 books)

These 5 books focus on Merlin (Corwin’s son) and I have to say I didn’t enjoy these as much as the first five which follow Corwin.  These are slower paced and there is a LOT of talking, a lot of discussion while Merlin tries to figure out what is going on, and why people keep trying to kill him. (It’s very complex!) It is however a shame that Zelazny died before he could finish the last set of books as I am curious as to how everything was going to pan out. Theres no ‘neat’ ending like at the end of Corwin’s.

35. Boneshaker – Cherie Priest

Reviewed here.

36. Swords and Dark Magic – Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders

A collection of Sword and Sorcery themed short stories. Some aren’t so good, but there are quite a few very good ones, and some that really make you think, the three that stood out for me where the ones by Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erkison, Scott Lynch.

37. Zoo City – Lauren Beukes

A very strange but very well written book. I love the ideas behind this. When people commit a crime they gain an animal companion and along with that some kind of strange power. The main character is very flawed and the flashes you get from around the world to see how animaled peopled are treated helps gives the book a very dark feel. And in some ways this probably isn’t that much different to how people are currently treated in some places.  Well worth reading.

38. The Kill Crew – Joseph d’Lacey

A short novella that has a very strange and interesting take on the zombie apocalypse. Quite creepy and I’m not sure whether that was due more to the zombies or due to certain characters.

39. Lady of Light and Shadows –  C.L. Wilson

A somewhat guilty pleasure (mostly because I suspect hubby would roll his eyes at me due to it being a fantasy romance), I read the first one and really enjoyed it.  It picks up straight where the first one leaves off, moving the main characters relationship on, showing more of the politics, and also letting the reader in on just what nastiness the bad guy is up to.  Will be reading the rest at some point.

40. City of Dreams and Nightmares -Ian Whates

I liked this book, its kept making me think of Hive Cities in the 40k Universe, and to be fair it is set in a Hive City. I did feel at times that it wasn’t as dark and gritty as I’d like it to be (I’ve been spoilt by Abercrombie) but I enjoyed the ideas in it.

41. Book of Secrets – Chris Roberson

Hard to summarise this one, it has a slow build up.  At first Spencer Finch is just investigating a man as part of a story, but this soon leads him in to a much more complex story which oddly seems to tie in with several short stories about people called The Black Hand, left to him by his Grandfather.  I did quite enjoy this, especially when I got to read the short stories within the story, that was a nice touch. I was a little disappointed by the ending, but I’m not sure why. I think I wanted it to go on for a little longer. Its somewhat bitter sweet ending

42. Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch

As a Londoner I really enjoyed this book (I may well try and do a proper review of it).  Magic, mystical beings, ghosts  meet the Metropolitan police force, because even they have to abide by the Queen’s Laws. This is quite funny in places, commenting on quite a few things that Londoners are very aware of.  Well worth reading.

I will confess that it’s hard work writing these posts, I should really write these summaries as I read the books (yeah like thats going to happen).


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2 responses to “Not quite 100 books in a year….

  1. And I thought I was doing well to read nearly 50 books in 2011. Guess I need to buckle down for 2012.

    • kaitharshayr

      To be fair I only read 42, the post title is just referencing a previous post where I was commenting on a challenge that was aiming to read 100 in a year! (which I knew I’d never be able to do!) I was just curious as to how many books I could read.

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