Obsidian Wings

Hubby got Deathwatch and Rights of Battle for his bday and I have just rolled up a new chapter. Well ok I’ve rolled up twice, the first chapter I rolled up where a pretty generic Ultramarines successor chapter who are more techy and directly rule an ocean world. It wasn’t that interesting.

This chapter however are completely insane:

Name: Obsidian Wings

Successor: Dark Angels Successor

Founding: The 39th Millennium to counter Orks.

Demenour: Base Dark Angels

Gene Seed: Altered Gene Seed – Lost neuroglottis (can’t detect poison) and mutated Catalepsean Node (have wildly altered sleep cycles)

Characteristic bonus:+5 Agility + 5 Fellowship

Chapter Hero: A Chapter Master who killed a Demon Prince

Homeworld: Uninhabited Desert World

Organisation: Unique non-codex with a siege doctrine.  No Assault Marines and have Bestial Companions.

Solo Ability: Agility Specialisation

Squad Mode: Attack Pattern – Storm of Hell (Close Combat); Defense Pattern – Swift Advance (Advance while dodging)

Beliefs: Emperor above all.

Chapter Status: Over Strength

Friends: Space Wolves

Enemies: Orks

Advancement Table: No respite for the enemy.

Well there you have it, a Dark Angels successor that’s friends with the Space Wolves, hubby suggested I pick that chapter on purpose seeing as they were already massively divergent from the Dark Angels and had more in common with Space Wolves (E.g. Animal companions, being over strength and completely non-codex.)

Except of course they DO have the Dark Angels demeanour – so they’re really intolerant, suspicious, taciturn and hunt the fallen angels.

They’re siege specialists that probably infiltrate, seeing as they are incredibly agile but are running around in heavy armour – go figure.

Also have to assume these animal companions are the ones who can fly as they have no assault marines, which makes sense for siege specialists, but something has to explain the reason for having Wings as part of their name! (Hubby points out the wings could just be because they’re Dark Angel successors which probably makes more sense.)

I haven’t thought to much about the livery but heraldry wise they probably have black wings (which means they’re shoulder pad is probably white).  They probably have some Dark Green somewhere… but who knows. I mean do they have still have a Deathwing and  a Ravenwing? The demeanour says yes, everything else says no.

So yeah feel free to use them if you really want to!!!



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