Hazard stripes are required

So I am very slowly (very very very slowly) finishing my Death Company Storm Raven. It’s only been sitting around after I sprayed it black for about… 2-3 months? (I’ve been busy!)

I have finally painted the interior, and seeing as once I glue the roof on you won’t really be able to see said interior I took some photos:

Yes I know most of it is just bolt metal, but I did also paint the seats and the computer screens.

Ok so the picture below looks a little funny as I had the flash on, if you look at the picture below where the flash is off you can see the seats aren’t quite as cell shaded. But the flash shows the computer screens off necessary.

And the other side of the interior. 🙂

And just note those hazard stripes, even Space Marines aren’t above H&S 😉 although I don’t suppose Death Company really care.


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