So we went to Dragonmeet today, a one day RP convention, it was ok. There are two gaming sessions, one morning one afternoon, seminars and retailers selling gaming merchandise.  We played one game in the morning and then wondered around for a bit of the afternoon before going home.  The game we played wasn’t particularly impressive, the rules didn’t seem that good. Hubby say’s it’s probably one of the worst games he’s played in beside two we had at Conception (A Judge Dredd game and a 2nd ed Warhammer game).

We wondered around the trading hall, bought a few RP books that we wanted. (We reckon we’re pretty much set for gaming books, we’ve got something that covers pretty much every genre, all we need to keep getting now are the extra books that are produced for things like Exalted.)

Hubby also bought a JUGs worth of dice, for what was quite a reasonable price:


If you’re interested heres the numbers:

  • 69 d20s
  • 38 d12s
  • 107 d10s
  • 32 d8s
  • 83 d6s
  • 51 d4s – These will probably just get used as caltrops if the need ever arises they are pretty useless otherwise, the d12 that are d4s are much better.

We’ll never need to buy dice again!!!


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