To Read


So below is my to read list

Books To Read

Missing from this pile is: Wolfsangel by MD Laclhan, Death and then Penguin By Kurkov, The Complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, The Complete works of HP Lovecraft.

That’s 18 books to read >_<

So.. it’s not quite that bad, A Storm of Swords (Part 1 and 2) and  A Feast for Crows are re-reads. I’ve already technically read more than half of Amber so I’ve got only half of that monster book left. May not read She-Wolves, my mum lent it to me because she said it’s quite interesting. Still a fair bit to go through!



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2 responses to “To Read

  1. GRRM is the man. Love his work. I am already in anticipation for the Winds of Winter. I think I am up to 213 books to read….? Something like that. Not enough hours and focus in the day to read.

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