Theon Greyjoy

So the other day I saw a link about the 6 most evil Characters in Game of Thrones (I can’t seem to find the link now). I was a little wary about clicking on it because as I’ve said I haven’t read ADWD yet so I don’t want spoilers (Halfway through Clash of Kings so getting there….). I just skimmed through the names, not reading the blurbs for why they were evil, hoping that I wouldn’t see a name I didn’t recognise (or worse recognised but didn’t know that they might really be an utter bastard).

Thankfully neither happened. (Also if you’ve not read the books after then SPOILERS after the cut)

The author of the list said he wasn’t including Cersei because she was too two-dimensional. I sort of agree but I also think she’s more mad/desperate mix in a little bit stupid and she’s not evil as such, just horrible at times.

The list included:

  • Walder Fray – Yes totally, horrible man, needs his comeuppance!!!
  • Vargo Hoart – Not sure I’ve spelled that right, but yes he’s horrible delights in horrific things as Jamie well knows.
  • Roose Bolton – At least I *think* it was him, might have been Ramsey Bolt0n they’re as bad as each other!! Although I think the author may have been referring to a certain betrayal so… yes.
  • Tywin Lannister – Yes, and he gets his comeuppance! Oh how I laughed. Such joy.
  • Gregor Clegane – do I need to say more? This man is a monster, and as far as I’m aware is even MORE of a literal monster now. >_<

And then last on this list (although they weren’t numbered so I don’t know if there was any particular order to them) was Theon. Thinking about it since reading it I have gone Hmmmmmm. I’m not entirely sure I could fit him into the list above. All the others are either highly manipulative and don’t care who they hurt to get what they want or the revel in bloodshed and pain. They know what they are doing and don’t care.

Now yes, Theon’s actions in a Clash of Kings and going forward and horrific and yes evil. (Betraying those that raised him, ‘killing’ certain characters that everyone loves?) But I would argue that Theon himself is just an idiot, he doesn’t think about what he says, or does and simply finds himself in situations that suddenly run out of control and while it IS his fault he didn’t manipulate the situation to quite be like that.  Unlike Tywin Lannister he is not able to juggle all the balls and get the events to work out the way he wants, he has grand visions and doesn’t quite think about the practicalities of say taking over Winterfall when its no where near the coast.

I’ve just re-read the first scene where he meets ‘Esgred’ and it’s cringing, in fact a lot of things with Theon are a bit cringing, (although that should be hysterical in the TV show) he just opens his mouth talks crap. I kind of feel a little sorry for him, because he’s trapped between two worlds, not quite a Stark not quite a true Iron Born. He’s too ‘noble and pretty boy’ for the Iron born and he’s always the outsider to the Starks and the men of the North. Not an enviable position to be in, and so he tries. Tries so hard to be someone to make it all work, even as it all comes crashing down around him.

But I guess if you just look at the events, and from the perspective of any Starks/Northmen or any outsiders, then he is evil, because his actions are unexplainable.


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