Game of Thrones Musings

*Caution there may be spoilers*
(Also I meant to post this ages ago! Finally getting around to it now!)

So I’ve just finished re-reading Game of Thrones which means I’ve got about a million (ok maybe not quite that many) more pages to read until I can read The Tome (or A Dance with Dragons if you prefer). It’s quite interesting having read the book and seen the TV series, because they are so alike and yet so different at the same time. It’s always worrying hearing about TV/Film adaptations of books, because often they never seem to quite work. For instance I can’t stand The Never Ending Story Movie (the first one) why? Because being the avid reader that I am I’d already read the book by the time I saw the movie on TV (I was 13 maybe?), and I was very disappointed because everything seemed WRONG. Thinking back on it now I’m older they obviously had to cut the book up because well it’s a long book (I think that was probably my biggest gripe with it all). But (and I’ve seen a lot of people say this) when I heard HBO had picked it up, then there was some hope, because they do damned good TV.

The TV series is very good and manages to tell the story in the limited time frame that it has. The casting is excellent, and it is to be fair very very very hard to say who my fave TV character is (as opposed to my fave book character, is although to be fair it’s very hard to do it there as well). Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke I think may have been my faves, (ok so Tyrion and Dany are my fave book characters too, I think but then I think about Jon and Arya, its so hard!) but everyone was excellent.

Some scenes are almost word for word as they are in the book, (I was pretty much reading along with the book at almost the same time) in others they’ve moved things around giving characters other peoples lines because they aren’t in the TV series, or just plain cutting some things. Then of course they’ve added some new scenes(to tell things that you don’t see in the book, like an excellent scene between Cersei and Robert) and put some events in earlier than they are in the book. But the key thing is here that it WORKS. It tells the story and it does it brilliantly, the cast, the set everything is amazing. Oh sure I have a few grips with it, for example all the sexposition, (which I think other people have complained about) some of it was good, but the amount of it felt a little unnecessary.

There were also a few scenes were it wasn’t ‘big’ enough. Now I know it was probably due to budgetary constraints, but the Tourney and Roberts hunting scene could have been much bigger, as could the Dothraki horde.

My other small gripe was with Dany’s Dragons. A dragon to my mind has 6 limbs (4 legs and a set of wings), a Wyvern has 4 (2 legs and a set of wings). Therefore I have always pictured the dragons in the books as having 6 limbs and on TV they had 4  – not to say that they didn’t look totally totally awesome though! 🙂  I think I need to go back and re-read the section that they’re first described because I really can’t remember which way GRRM described them – and I can’t actually do that at the moment because I don’t have my copy to hand. >_< Anyone know? Maybe I’m wrong and they’ve always been described with four limbs and I just skimmed over it?

While I was reading GoT I kept remembering events that happen in the later books. (And if you haven’t read them then you want to stop reading now and to read below the cut).

There is a lot that I’ve got to look forward to, Dany being awesome (particularly when she gets the unsullied), Jon being awsome, Tyrion being awesome (and I can’t wait to hopefully see that on TV because he gets some damned good lines!), Arya as well.  and when you finally find out what Dorne is up to, (I love that bit, it just feels so sneaky, and I had a nice Yay Dany you have allies you don’t even know about yet!) in fact just a whole lot of awsome. Particularly Joff’s demise… oh that makes me laugh I can’t wait for that, he totally derserves it.. and Tywin.. hah master mainipulator totally didn’t see that coming did you?! No! Serves you right really. Oh I laughed at that too.

However there are some things I am dreading, all those betrayals and certain people being stupid *cough*Jorah*cough*Sansa*cough*.  But the big one? The Red Wedding. Or RW as David Benioff, D.B. Weiss have referred to it, in order to avoid spoilers. Apparently they’re really hoping they can get the TV series to this point.

This is in my opinion the nastiest thing to happen in all the books (so far I have NOT READ ADWD yet so do not say ANYTHING or I will hunt you down) it just happens, there is no warning, just suddenly a lot of horrific blood and death of liked characters.

This also makes me wonder, IF the TV show gets a 3rd season or possibly 4? (No one’s quite sure how they’re going to split it, as it sounds like they’re moving some book 3 events to S2. Anyway assuming they do more series then I really worry as to how they are going to film this. If people where put off by Ned dying, this is so much worse. I wonder if they might have to do a bit of foreshadowing in the TV show, a few comments by Tywin Lannister, Walder Fray with a note.. something, anything! I don’t think it would change things to much, and people might at least be able to brace themselves to the fact that something awful is going to happen.

It’s weird. Knowing that Ned dies is fine, I’m not ok with it but I can deal with it, it’s very important to how the story moves on, to how other characters step up and try and deal with things in their own ways. And even though I knew it was coming my heart did stop when it came up on TV, because visually it has such an impact. However at the same time I was really curious to know how other people who hadn’t read the books would react, all those people who said they watched the show because they’d heard Sean Bean was going to be in it. But The Red Wedding? No I’m utterly dreading that both in the books and on TV.



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2 responses to “Game of Thrones Musings

  1. Motodraconis

    The 4 limbed thig is at GRRMs insistance. I can’t find the exact quote but apparently he’s been know to say that he dislikes the 6 limb design of dragons as no real life animal has ever evolved 6 limbs. Granted dragons breathe fire and are fantastical, but there seems no reason for a creature to evolve an extra set of limbs when so many living and extinct predators (pterodactyls, bats and birds) cope just fine on 4. The extra superfluous limbs were just a ridge too far!

    You will find asoiaf artwork with 6 limbed dragons, but that is from bods who have not done their research. Most artwork has the 4 limbed version – unusual for a fantasy genre, but specific to GRRM’s design.

    Officially endorsed artwork usually follows the 4 limb rule…as seen in tiny form on GRRM’s own website.

    • kaitharshayr

      Ahh, cool, will def have to re-read that bit when I get my book now. I just always automatically think Dragon = 6 limbs, Wyvern = 4.

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