Review: Much Ado About Nothing

So a while ago (last month) I got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go see Much Ado About Nothing at The Globe, I said sure, and then promptly forgot almost all about it. (I knew we were going to the Globe but couldn’t recall what we were going to see.)

So the date rolled around (yesterday) and I watched the weather with interest. For anyone who has never been to/seen The Globe it’s built with an open roof, so if you’re standing watching the performance and it rains, then your going to get pretty damned wet. Sure enough shows were forecast. I had hopes that it wouldn’t rain, but pretty much when I finished work at 5.30 it started to spit, and then once it hit 7 and the doors opened it was a constant stream of rain. It lasted the entire night. I had thought to bring my rain coat, just in case, C unfortunately doesn’t have one (really should get him one!) and I had to invest in a one of those plastic bag style ponchos. Worth the £2 investment I feel seeing as he would have been incredibly grumpy otherwise and might well have left.

The annoyance at the weather however subsided once the play started. It was absolutely awesome. There was a lot of slapstick used, which in conjunction with the script just made everything hilarious. They even got a few jokes in about the rain which got everyone in the audience laughing. It was tragic and dramatic when it needed to be and funny the rest of the time.

The emotions really shone through in the performance, you could really believe that Claudio and Hero liked each other and that they were in love, and that Bendict and Beatrice can’t stand each other. And when Claudio sang at Hero’s funeral I really believed that he was heartbroken. The actors clearly looked like they were enjoying themselves, and were reacting to things that the audience did, for example the few times the audience went awwww.

Or the times that one of my friends laughed, he has quite a loud laugh, it can sound very sarcastic or possibly the sort you could imagine an evil dictator using. (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this!) There were at the start, quite a few surprised looks from some of the actors when they heard it (namely from the guy playing Benedict, because he had a lot of good lines) but we think they did eventually realised that he was laughing because it was funny and for no other reason. Some of the looks on their faces though were very funny.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that Joseph Marcell, (he played Geoffry in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) was playing Leonato, Hero’s father. (If you don’t know the plot then I suggest going to wikipedia to get a summary, it’s one of the good comedies.) From having just reading some of his IMDB profile he is actually on The Board for The Globe which is neat.

The only draw back was that this play felt long, it started at 7.30 and ran till about 10.30, and by the second half everyone was tired of standing and I had stupidly put to much in my bag so my shoulders had started to seriously hurt. (Like back a few months ago when I really messed them up from attempting aerobics and swimming.) Although I did discover that crossing my arms helped that quite a bit.

All in all I thoroughly recommend going to see this while it’s running, rain or shine, and at £5 for a standing ticket, that’s a damn good deal!


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