A world of horrors… and a few fun things

So on Saturday me and the hubby went to the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), I even though I am a Londoner, have never gone there. As a child I think I had much more appriciation for staring at big dino skeletons in the Natural History Musuem, or at the Space stuff or playing in the Launch Pad (Kids could play with stuff to see the science behind it, like building a bridge and knowing what a keystone is for) in the Science Museum. The V&A however is full of sculptures, statues, paintings, fabrics, carpets etc. Now I will confess to being not that interested in the carpets, I do like looking at a lot of sculptures from Asia, China, Japan etc. It was also really nice seeing a lot of stuff from 18th Century Britian, you could really see the influence of China and such on our fabrics. I also thought some of the embroidery was very neat, as they actually embroidered over wool to give what they were making much more of a 3d look and feel. I particularly liked the very large japanese screen that was in the small trade section. Black lacqure with flowers painted on it, very stunning, very beautiful. Really wish I could have something like that (although I at least need a house to put it in!).

We only ended up wondering around parts of the ground floor and the 1st floor before we left to have lunch. Will have to head back another day to see some of the stuff we missed, but that’s the same with the British Musuem, the place is so big! (I can’t really say the same about the NHM or the Science Museum, I went there a LOT as a child, several times each year, we had an annual pass. I do love that the museums are now free. 🙂 ) Definitely worth a visit. 🙂

The weather was typically English, it was sunny as we walked to Hyde Park, got cold and then started to rain as we had our sandwiches, and once we’d left to walk to Orks Nest at Leicester Square it got sunny again.

So we navigated our way past the road works, the groups of tourists and those annoying people who decide to just meander slowly in front of you takign up too much pavement space to pass, or who just stop. Seriously I have begun to think that if I could have any superpower it would be Kitty Prides power. Then I could just go along at my own speed, and not have to worry about people stopping in front of me, it’s really annoying. >_<

As we approached Leicester Square from Piccadilly Circus we spotted it… The world of horrors, a creepy place to give you nightmares. Never have I actually seen an example of such huge commercialism .

M&M World

(Seriously I don’t even think the Disney shops are as bad as this, at least they have products for the different movies!)

Yes M&M’s sugar coated chocolate (or peanut if that’s your preference… blerg!) have a world. There are apparently 3 stores around the US and now, London has one, it’s 3 and a half floors of the same expensive tat. A lot of different style of chocolate dispensers, as well as clothing, plushes (ones dressed up like soliders and knights etc). Did you miss a particular style of chocolate dispenser on the first floor and now think you might want to buy one, well pick one up from the basement or from the floor below that. I know I am perhaps repeating myself but this is a 3 and a half story building selling the SAME STUFF on all floors, just for M&Ms!!!!!

There is a HUGE bank against a wall where you can get different coloured M&Ms (only milk chocolate and peanut) so that you can fill up your dispensers (which one or two did look kind of neat but still….). You could also buy fancy designed boxes which seprate the M&Ms up into different colours so make a butterfly or a flower, unsurprsingly these are expensive. The music is loud, the staff are creepily happy happy, and obviously it was packed with tourists thus making it hard to navigate. We managed to finally escape with our sanity intact (hopefully!).

I know this place is not aimed at me, I’m not a tourist and I’m also getting older and clearly grumpier but still… CREEPY!!! I’ve seen it, I don’t need to go ever again.Once it was a building that looked quite interesting it had clocks on the outside,then it got knocked down and now it’s a modern glass fronted building selling stuff only for M&Ms.

So we made our escape and went on to Orks Nest, we’d hoped they might have had something for Free RPG day but it was not to be. I found out afterwards that I could have looked this up before hand and know. But oh well. We had a good long walk that day, it was nice.


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