A weekend of horrors from the beyond

Ok so the title might sound a bit more dramatic than my weekend actually was, which was a weekend of roleplaying but still, it is apt. The weekend just gone was a bank holiday and we spent a fair chunk of it at Shadow Con V. To be honest this was more of a large gathering of roleplayers then an actual convention like Conception but still it was good. We (and by we I mean myself, C and a few other friends) were all signed up to the Deathwatch game in the morning, and were then playing different things in the afternoon.
I’ve cut the post for length.
The Deathwatch game was actually the same one that we’d been trying to play at Conception but it was ALWAYS full before we ever got a chance to sign up. It was therefore really nice to get to play this, as while we’ve all played Dark Heresy none of us had had a chance to play Deathwatch.We had fun. It’s quite a shock to the system to play starting Space Marines who are actually competent compared to crappy starting Dark Heresy characters. I mean for starters most Marines start with more hit points than even an Arbitrator could get to. The plot involved our team of Marines being sent to investigate a ship that had appeared from the warp transmitting odd Imperial codes, an Inquisitor and his retinue had gone to investigate and were now missing. As if to prove the point of how powerful Space Marines are, while exploring the ship we stumbled upon a demon host this is the kind of thing that even high level Dark Heresy characters would have trouble taking. It’s the top tier of what you could throw against them. But Space Marines? Well after laughing off feeble attempts of Psi attacks we simply hit it a few times with chain swords and took it’s head off. Saying that though, the boss fight at the end against a weird Tyranic machine (dubbed Necronyid i think) thing, well that caused two players to burn Fate points to survive, this thing was doing around 30 damage with each hit. But then we tore it apart with a Heavy Bolter and a Melta gun. Good times. Annoyingly the Chaos Space Marine managed to escape us damned teleporters!

The next game that we (me & C) played was a Cthulhu game, and it was actually with the same GM who did the Deathwatch game. This was an utterly awesome game. We manged to all pick characters that worked, so for example the other couple at the table got the married couple, myself and C were playing the twins (1 female 1 male), another guy got the younger sibling and the last got the solicitor who was also a family friend. And then well, let the madness ensue! There was a lot of investigating, a lot of going mad and a lot of good roleplaying. At times we did have a bit of talking over each other, as there was quite a lot going on, but it was good. The GM had also had the good idea of having pieces of paper with specific things characters would do as they went more mad, which worked so well. For my character at first I simply didn’t want to be alone and wanted to be near my twin, then I had to be with my twin at all times, and then the last one, the you’re completely insane one, she wanted to never be apart from her twin and so would wanted to do a ritual she’d learned whereby she’d eat her twin. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) her twin had also gone off the deep end. At first he simply felt his twin was the best and had all the answers, then well surely he could be her better than she was (there was cross dressing involved) and then, well then he had to get rid of her because he was now her. I failed my dice roll by ONE to spot that he was about to shot me (the GM had just pointed out to me that I had a spell that was an insta-kill, so if i’d spotted it I’d have ‘won’ my character was actually disgustingly powerful when it came to the occult and Cthulhu mythos… however I did not role well that entire game!). conveniently this all happened after we’d managed to bind the demonic horror into a sarcophagus. (Seeing it pushed a lot of us over the edge.) The demonic horror also ripped the heart out of the younger brother as we were doing this, and sent the older sister (part of the married couple) over the edge and into a land of song and happy places…. Oh well, at least we bound the demon! 😀

We weren’t actually going to play anything on the Sunday, however we spotted there was a game of The Laundry being run, and well the books are great. It’s the Civil Service protecting us from the things that go bump in the night. So Cthulhu but you do know about this crap and you are sort of competent. The game  was alright, but we ended up having 7 players (6 of us people I knew and 1 random person) which was way to many for a scenario that probably only needed 4. The scenario itself was also only a routine mission. We investigated everything extensively. There was nothing to find, nothing that went wrong, you could have done it in about an hour, except with 7 players there’s a lot of talking and so it did take us about 3 hours to finish it. This makes it kind of boring, as you keep thinking ‘seriously have we missed something?!’ If it had been part of a longer more complex story that would have been ok, but on it’s own. Not very interesting. The GM himself was pretty good though as he’d bought a lot of reference materials for us, like maps, pictures and even train timetables.
So if your still confused by the title then… Deathwatch = Warhammer 40k = Chaos Gods and the others well need I say more than just Cthulhu.

We spent much of yesterday playing Baldurs Gate Multiplayer. Although it took us almost an hour to get everyone connected into the game! Last time we’d had some people connect via wireless and others were using network cables (we were all in the same house) and it had worked. This time nope we had to all use network cables as things just weren’t playing ball. No idea why, but we’re blaming the fact that my friend who was down for the weekend had Vista while we all had 7. It must have just been psychically affecting things!! Once we got going it worked ok. Still we’ll soon be out of the annoying grinding to get levels stages of BG1 and get to actual plot. (I say soon, it’ll probably be another few months before we play again.)


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