Comedy night

So last night I went to a comedy night where comedians get 5 minutes to do their thing. It was a pretty good night, and for the most part everyone was funny (in fact one in particular was hysterical), however one ‘comedian’ well… The word comedian implies that you are funny, doing what was effectively a 5 minute rant about politics…. not so funny, especially when you’re simply just pointing out stuff people kind of already know. Yes we all know the comments about how all the political party leaders look the same but with just a different tie. This statement in itself is not funny. And the statement after this probably wouldn’t have been funny either, as he tried to use a rather poor simile to the further explain the tie thing, except he messed that up.  Also telling the audience that we have to give you something to work with, well I think the fact that we weren’t laughing should have given you more than enough. It wasn’t funny and was actually quite painful to watch.  Even the other guy who wasn’t particularly funny at least tried to make something out of the non-laughter, it didn’t work that well but he did something. He didn’t simply call the audience a bunch of assholes when he finished. Or is that just a thing the guy thought was cool???

On another note, to the people who were sitting behind me and to my right during the gig. We were in a not very large room and you weren’t that far from the stage. Talking while someone is doing an act is incredibly rude.  Now in somewhere like a cinema this is just very annoying. However to do it when people are performing an act right in front of you, especially if they might be new to it. They were talking a bit when the compare started the event, there was definitely  a muttered ‘get on with it’ when the compare started the second half and muttering through some of the acts of the second half. If you don’t find something funny that’s fine, but seriously there is no need to keep talking to each other. Seriously rude.

But yes apart from that it was a good night. 🙂


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