100 books in a year – sort of

So back in January I did a post about some challenge to read 100 books in a year, I’m not actually doing that, because we just worked out that would be crazy. However I thought it would be interesting to see how many books I do read in a year. I’ve just done the first 20 (they are posted in the order I’ve read them), I’ve bolded next to the ones that are my favourites, and done some quick summaries.

1.Buffy Season 8 Vol 3

2. Buffy Season 8 Vol 4

Buffy Season 8.  In Vol 3 Dracula returns and Buffy has to team up with him to help protect her Slayer army. Vol 4, Buffy meets Fray (a Slayer from the future the Fray comic is very good, I recommend reading it). I like BtVS, so for me the more Buffy the better, which means I really should get around to getting the other comics in season 8.

3. Powers Vol 2

Very interesting comics, take the superhero genre in a different direction, with the comics focusing on two cops (in homicide I think) who have to work in a world full of superheroes. Very dark. This one follow them investigating the deaths of a group of Roleplayers.

4. Battle Axe – Sara Douglas

5. Enchanter – Sara Douglas

The first two books in the trilogy, only read these cause hubby bought them, I had read the first book years ago. They’re ok, I think they were her early novels, so they feel a little unpolished. It’s kind of classic high fantasy with a very strong Greek myth feel.

6. Best Served Cold – Joe Abercrombie

My favourite author. Need I say more? Actually I have meant to do a book of the month post for this, I should just write it. At it’s heart its a tale of revenge (you can tell by the title surely?) anyway things don’t work out the way you’d expect (they never seem to with Abercrombie).

7. Kraken – China Mieville

A story about London, cults, magic and conspiracies.. oh and a missing Kraken.  It’s China Mieville, the story is damned weird, but very good.

8. The Diamond Age –  Neal Stephenson

Neo-Victorian Cyber-punk. Quite enjoyable, a bit weird in places as some parts don’t feel like the fit? Erm, just wish it had an actual ending, rather than just stopping.

9. The Castings Trilogy – Pamela Freeman

I’ve done a post on this….

10. Starman – Sara Douglas

See above.

11. The Atrocity Archives – Charles Stross

The first book that sets up the Laundry. See later entry for more info about these books.

12. Servant of the Underworld – Aliette de Bodard

Its set during the Aztec period (15th century I think, I’d have to get the book to check), following a priest as he investigates a murder. Blood magic and demons abound, not all of it’s evil (well it IS the Aztecs what other magic do you think their going to use?!).  Enjoyable, it’s nice to read something that isn’t western fantasy.

13. The Next Continent – Issui Ogawa

Not something I’d have chosen, but it was a present so I thought I’d read it. It’s about going to the moon. I found it a bit strange, and if I’m honest not really to my tastes.

14. The White Rock – Hugh Thompson

A book about Hugh’s travels through Peru following the Inca’s trail. I bought this to help me with my research for my novel (for which not a lot exists right now..). Very interesting, well worth a read if you have any interest in history and especially the Incas.

15. Dragon Haven – Robin Hobb

Book 2 of the series that follows on from The Liveship Traders (I really liked those books), where we learn more about how the new generation of dragons are faring. Ok so that’s not a very good description, but I really like these books, they feel very human. It’s all about the characters and relationships.  (Recommend you read Dragon Keeper first, and if possible all three Liveship Trader books.)

16. Exacerbyte – Cat Conner

The third book in the Elli Conway series. Ellie is an FBI agent, when her and her team again cross paths with the criminals from the previous book (Terrorbyte) all hell breaks loose. These are very fast paced thrillers, gory with high body counts. Although I think, there may be less bodies in this one… I think and I will admit to having to skip a few pages when one bit got a little too gory. (Being on the tube when you get to these bits does not help!)  An exciting faced paced read.  (Recommended you read Killerbyte then Terrorbyte first if you’re interested.)

17. The Jennifer Morgue – Charles Stross

A Laundry book that’s essentially a James Bond romp , but with an unexpected twist. See below for more info on these books.

18. The Fuller Memorandum – Charles Stross

Was my book of the month: Blog post here

19. Triumff – Mr Dan Abnett

If you’ve heard of the name Dan Abnett then you’ll probably think of Warhammer. This is not a Warhammer novel. It’s a very silly alternative history story. It’s England 2010,  and it’s still effectively the Elizabethan era. There is magic, conspiracies and a LOT of silliness. Quite enjoyable.

20. Vagabond v1  -Takehiko Inoue

A graphic novel about Miyamoto Musashi – the greatest swords men who has ever lived.  The graphic novels (there are 31 or 32 volumns out now so I’m told) follow his life.  The art work in this is a very good realistic style and the characters really come to life both through the visuals and story. Really enjoyed it but am tempted to get hold of the actual book all the graphic novels are based on (assuming I can find it) I could get through the story must faster.

I wonder how many books I’ll actually get through by the end of the year, at this rate at least 40.



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4 responses to “100 books in a year – sort of

  1. thewordsurgeon

    100 books in a year? Sounds ambitious! Haha. I’m doing something similar but I’m not putting a time limit to it. I’m trying to read and complete BBC’s most popular 100 books. You can check out my blogs about it:



    • kaitharshayr

      Well not trying to read 100, just curious to see how many I can read. Getting through the BBCs 100 most popular books is a very good challenge! Good luck with it. 🙂

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  3. Pingback: Not quite 100 books in a year…. | Kaitharshayr's Weblog

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