You Cannot Be Serious!

To coin a phrase…

So apparently there have been some awards in the book industry

and to quote a part of it:

“Sainsbury’s was honoured with the Martina Cole General or Chain Bookselling Company of the Year Award after reinvigorating book zones, increasing book sales by more than 33% and attracting new book buyers to the market. One judge said: “We should celebrate the fact that they are embracing books and offering people an alternative place to buy—somewhere they can spend time browsing as well as buying.”

You are kidding me right? RIGHT?


Seriously? A SUPERMARKET is named as chain bookseller retailer of the year? I mean I’ve got no problems with them selling books (although I know there are lots of issues around this) but really could you walk into your local sainsburys and go ‘oh i’ve been reading x but i’ve finished the books, could you recommend something for me along similar lines?’ or ‘I’d like to order a book by y’. Really? Could you?

Now I’m fully aware that there probably aren’t many options for Chain Bookselling Company of the Year. Waterstones, erm WH Smiths (maybe?) erm, I think there’s one that’s based more in the North of England but I can’t think who, and yes supermarkets. Which I suppose having Sainsbury’s winning speaks volumes for Chain book stores at the moment, Ottakars got bought out by Waterstones and Borders closed up shop.

But come on it’s a supermarket, its like giving it clothing retailer of the year, or dvd/games retailer of the year. It isn’t. Its just utterly crazy.

Oh well I will stick with my quite lovely local bookshop thank you very much. I get comedy nights, writing groups, knitting groups and cups of tea from them. That’s something I’d never get from Sainsbury’s!


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