Politics – Gah! But has to be done

I’m unsure if I really want to do a blog post concerning politics, but at the same time I kinda feel the need to vent.  So I apologise in advance….

I’m am getting quite sick and tired of people deciding that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are the villains and that everything is their fault.

I would like to point out to you who was in power before the election last year, and were in power for quite a number of years before that? That’s right Labour. Also who technically got the majority of the vote in last election? (I say technically, as they didn’t actually get an outright majority to win did they.) That’s right the  Conservatives.  So who right now is running the country? For the most part it’s the Conservatives.  And what is it that we know Conservative governments tend to like to do? That’s right make cuts. Now did you somehow think that the Liberal Democrats have some kind of magic wand? Did you somehow think that they would be able to wave this and put a complete stop to what Conservative governments tend to do?

In some ways we seem to have had some idealistic views on what the Liberal Democrats could do if they ever got into power.  Say they had won the last election? What they? Again did you think there was a magic wand? That they could make money grow on trees? They wouldn’t have been able to magically fix everything, they would have had to do things that would have annoyed some parts of the country, that’s how politics works.  But they aren’t in power, they are having to work with a Conservative government, and I am hoping (perhaps naively) that they are at least moderating the usual Conservative polices somewhat. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but.. who knows what goes on in those discussions, (aside from the people that where there, and probably people that pay a little more attention to politics than I do).

People are allowing their anger at the Conservatives to rub off onto the Liberal Democrats. Now sure they probably do need to share the blame, but it just seems like people are bashing Nick Clegg a whole log more than David Cameron.

Also, a lot of people are moaning about the government, but I suspect a lot of those people also didn’t go vote last time. Now sure some of them will have had a good reason, some kind of emergency or something but that won’t be everyone. You know what, if you’re unhappy with the current government, how about next time you take yourself down to a polling station and actually vote. It really isn’t that hard.

Now for one final thing, AV. I am very disappointed that we rejected this.  The No Campaign was full of lies and clearly trying to drum up confusion. I saw one guy on the BBC state that if we used AV we would have to vote for EVERY SINGLE PARTY that was listed on the ballot paper. His example was if there were 8 parties listed you would have to number them all from 1 to 8. Which is bollocks, because seriously what kind of god damned system would that be if it forced you to vote for parties like the f-ing BNP. (I can’t believe I’ve just mentioned them on my blog.. *Shudders*) I would spoil my ballot paper before I did that.  (For clarification you would only have to rank those parties you actually wanted, so if out of 8 parties there was only 1 party you wanted to vote for, you only had to vote for them.)

Most people I know, would have preferred a referendum for MMP, because in someways AV is not that different to FPTP, but we hoped this would give us a chance to maybe move on someday to something like that. But clearly it wasn’t to be, FPTP won, crappy system that it is.

The only thing that I’m actually happy about is that my local borough, which is quite a safe Labour seat, and has been on the news a lot recently, all bad press, actually voted YES to AV. Albeit that only 35% of people actually turned out to vote, which is piss poor.


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  1. motodraconis

    Well said! It’s been getting on my nerves big time. And AV, everyone I’ve heard mention the referendum has been voting AV – including me.

    The campaign has been rubbish though, until I saw the glory that is Reform Cat, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiHuiDD_oTk I had no idea what to vote for or why and would have been tempted to “stick with the staus quo” which I think is what has happened here. BAH!

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