ASoIF Woe!

So the other day Episode 3 of A Game of Thrones aired. Now I haven’t been watching the series so far because I don’t have Sky Atlantic. I have however been watching it vicariously via otakuASSEMBLES  reviews(Ep1, Ep2, Ep3). These reviews are great fun to watch, the guy, Larry, hasn’t read the books, and as he says in his second review he’s going to try and not look at all the extra info that HBO have put up, because really he should get everything he needs from the TV show. Which is a very good point. It’s very interesting (and a lot of fun) seeing a review from someone who hasn’t read the books, some of the thing’s he talks about are spot on and others, well others those of us that have read the books I’m sure give a knowing smile and shake their heads.  ASoIF does not often pan out how you expect it do. Its full of twists and turns, which is why I love the books.

Which leads to my woe/dilemma/tragedy (call it what you will), I can’t watch the series, and thus will of course be buying the DVD’s as soon as they are out. But when will this be? Probably towards the end of the year is my guess, however for those in the know Book 5 is out in July!!!!  I would quite like to re-read all the books so far before reading book 5. However I don’t want to re-read book 1 before I watch the series. I mean sure I know what happens in the series, but I don’t want it that fresh in my mind and I’m not sure I can wait THAT long before reading book 5, as it is even if I started now I doubt I’ll finish all 4 (technically 5 seeing as book 3 is in two parts) before 5 is out, and really I need to read it. There were major cliff hangers!!

Such a tragedy!

I suppose I’ll survive somehow. Maybe I’ll just re-read them anyway once I finish what I’m currently reading.



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2 responses to “ASoIF Woe!

  1. motodraconis

    I’m pretty miffed that the Kindle edition of Dance is £2.40 more expensive than the hardback!

    • kaitharshayr

      Yes I know! It’s crazy, I mean I suppose hardback is actually 25, but you know that hardbacks are never the price quoted…

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