I went to the Natural History Museum with a friend on Wed, mostly to catch up as we hadn’t seen each other in ages, but we wondered around the Sensational Butterfly Exhibition, which I’ve never actually been in to before. (I’ve wondered around the rest of the museum hundreds of time.) Lots of very pretty butterflies in there, and it was very humid, as I think most are from Africa and S.America. (Although as I comment on the photo’s I was busy watching said butterflies instead of reading.) Anyway hope you enjoy the pictures, some are a little crappy as the butterflies were behind glass, where the cocoons are. Also some aren’t as bright as I think they should be, camera couldn’t quite cope. If I’d thought about it I should have taken a photo of the identification chart they had on display, then I might have known what was what… Oh well. Hope you enjoy the photos. Unless you don’t like butterflies in which case… don’t look?

Butterflies, a set on Flickr.


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  1. I did the same thing in Washington a few weeks ago. Was wonderful! (except for the extreme humidity, not somewhere I could stay for too long!!)

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