Blood Angels: Death Company Dreadnought

So here is my (almost) finished Dreadnought, for some reason that I can’t quite fathom I took the photos before I painted the edge of the base. So just imagine that’s in a blueish grey (Shadow Grey for those in the know). I’m rally pleased with how this has come out. I do really like painting Death Company models. They are such fun. 😀  (Also I haven’t stuck the arms on this, so I can pose it. and I haven’t stuck the Magna Grapple on the top, just in case I have to many points and need to lose something.)





If you want to see how I’ve painted it then click to see more.

Click to enlarge the images if necessary

1. Spray painted the whole thing black.

2. I then dry brushed everything with Shadow Grey. Don’t worry that things look quite bright here, that’s just the camera flash, it’s not quite so obvious when you look at in person, but it does work.

3. I dry brushed all the metal parts with bolt gun metal, and nothing else as it gives it a nice oiled looking effect.

4. I then painted everything that needed to be picked out in different colours Tallerin Flesh (I know I haven’t spelt that right). I did this because some of the colours I need to use have awful coverage, especially on black, doing this also helped me spot everything I needed to pick out, as otherwise I find I often miss things and don’t spot them till I’ve moved on to do another section of the model.

5. (Lets see if I can get the paint names right here!) I painted the claws Necron Abyss first, and then worked my way up through the blues, Regal Blue then a mix of Regal & Enchanted blue (I couldn’t say how much, I tend to sort of play this by eye, so when i’ve gone to a brighter colour I might decide that I’ve not got enough of the darker colour and so go back and extend that colour down a bit. However you definitely need a mix here as otherwise Enchanted blue is just too bright to go straight on top of the Regal blue.) Once I’ve done that then i add some Ice blue at the edges before I dabbed some white at the very tips. I really like how these came out. 🙂

6. Some more of the bits done. I painted Dwarven Bronze around all the edges of the blood drops, before painted those in with Red Gore (then highlighted the blood drops at the tip with Blood Red, and shaded the bottom with Scab Red). I painted all the wings Ice blue, before dry brushing white over the top. For the skulls I just dry brushed bleached bone over the Tallern Flesh, which seemed to work quite well (we can’t really do bone how we used to as we’ve almost run out of Flesh Wash and games workshop don’t make it any more). I painted bleached bone over any parchment, and I think I did the cross in a dark red (maybe Mechrite, or possibly Scab) and then painted Blood red over the top.

A slightly better shot of the claws.

7. I didn’t take a shot of it but for the base I simply painted it the foundation green (I can’t remember the name) and then a heavy dry brush of shadow grey, and a lighter dry brush of codes grey to highlight. Its supposed to be a dusty world so I wasn’t too bothered that the feet of the dreadnought might get more paint on them.  I then painted the skull that’s on there in the same manor as what’s on the dreadnought, Talleren Flesh and dry brushed Bleach Bone and Dwarven Bronze on all the bullet shell casing that are scattered around.

Then assemble. 😀  Then hopefully laugh as your enemies tremble in fear as you drop this thing from a Storm Raven… which I have yet to purchase. (Actually I’ve no idea how my Blood Angels will do in an actual fight, I’ve yet to play them.)


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