Virgin London Marathon 2011

So my friend ran the London Marathon this year, which is a freaking amazing achievement and me and my friends were there to cheer her on, which she said really did help.

We all met up at Woolwich Arsenal for Mile 3 (In blue). This was made sightly difficult by the DLR deciding to be awkward, but I made it and then managed to find my friends M&J.  We cheered some random people on, and looked on in amazment at some of the insane costumes (see below) before we realised that the sneaky people who set up the marathon had for some reason split the running channels down this particular section and we were missing a large chunk of runners! So we hurried over to a spot where both channels joined and really hoped with hadn’t missed our friend. We were pretty sure we’d already missed her bf. However J has very sharp eyes, and managed to spot her and I almost forgot to take a photo! Unfortunately she a) had earphones in and b) we were a  bit too far away for her to actually hear us at this point.

London Marathon E 1

And so on we raced to Deptford and Mile 8, well I say ‘raced’ we had to stand around at the station for about 15 mins while we waited for a train. There we met up with K and headed to find a spot. We were relieved to see that some of the people in costumes going past were familiar and so we were pretty sure we hadn’t missed our friend.  And sure enough here she was! We stepped out into the road this time and waved our banner, she couldn’t miss us! 🙂

London Marathon E 2

We then walked to our next point , Mile 16, and there thanks to J’s sharp eyes again, we managed to spot our friend’s bf a bit of shouting and he did look back so I think he spotted us. Then we had lunch and waited (trying not to get hit by the cars squeezing past the spectators, I’m not sure I’d want to drive anywhere on marathon day!) as we didn’t yet recognise any of the people in costumes. And then there she was. 🙂

London Marathon E 3

I didn’t manage to make it to the end, but I’m told she managed to complete it in about 7 hours. As I said a the beginning it’s an amazing achievement. So a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that did it.

And here are some shots of those who decided they were mad enough to wear/carry things.

London Marathon 1 London Marathon 2  London Marathon 3

London Marathon 4London Marathon 8 London Marathon 5 London Marathon 6

Pic 1:Why yes that is a ‘bus’ there are two people in there running & carrying the frame! Pic 2:And yes I think the band did walk and play the whole way.

London Marathon Rhino London Marathon 10 London Marathon 11 London Marathon 12

Pic 1: Rhino!   Pic 2:  J got her camera out to take a photo just after me, and suddenly the suit deflated, we’ve no idea what that was about!.  Pic 3:Saw the horse again at Mile 16 but it was in two halves then, not sure why, was a bit odd, meant the person at the front was carrying the whole thing.

London Marathon 13  London Marathon 14

This man did apparently dance the whole route!

London Marathon 7

I really hope this guy made it to the finish, because this is both amazing and insane. Hubby has suggested that the weight of a washing machine might perhaps equal the weight of the pack & armour and such that parachute troops have to carry or something. That would certainly make sense as I’m not sure quite why else you’d decide to do a marathon with a washing machine on your back.

London Marathon Rhino 2

The rhino takes a break. I hope she (we think it was a she) finished the marathon, it was quite warm on Sunday and those suits must be ridiculously hot!


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