Death From Above

If any one has ever read White Dwarf then they should know what the tale of 4 gamers is.  If you don’t then its where 4 of the staff at Games Workshop pick an army and paint it all within a certain amount of time and then they have a game at the end of the 3 months or so that it takes to pain.  Our local Games workshop decided to do something similar, except their idea is simply to try and motivate people to paint the models they have.  This is quite good for me as I haven’t done any painting in ages and I have quite a few models to finish off.

For the challenge I picked my Blood Angels army, we’ve already done the first part of the challenge which is a HQ choice and two troops choices, basic warhammer 40k army.  (Forgot to take pictures of those but will do so once I get my models back from the display cabinet in the shop.)

Next challenge is to paint 3 more units, we’ve got till the 19th. Now I’ve been doing quite a few things so I’m not too sure I’m going to quite get them finished by next sat, but I have made some good progress.
Firstly I finally finished my drop pod (this has been pretty much painted and awaiting assembly since the summer!) I really like how this came out. 🙂 (and hence the Death From Above title.)

Drop Pod Interior

Drop Pod Exterior

Drop Pod Exterior2

Then there’s my Death Company, who I did only start painting two weeks ago but I must say I’m really enjoying painting! They aren’t quite finished yet but almost.. almost 🙂 (Photo’s aren’t great.)

Death Company

Death Company2


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  1. Brad

    I just listened to Jules Verne’s “Around the Moon” on LibriVox, heard your voice and immediately had to find out who this “Lizzie Driver” was. I wanted to tell you that you have a very beautiful voice both in reading tone and accent. Looking through your librivox library, I look forward to hearing more of you.

    Great Job and keep up the good work!

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