Dragon Age Two Demo Thoughts

So Dragon Age 2 is coming out soon and I am very excited, a new Bioware game *squeee* and unusually for Bioware they’ve released a Demo of the game. So of course we had to download and try it out.  The demo doesn’t give much away as it’s pretty much all combat with a bit of talk.. most of which you will have seen in the trailer. They’ve clearly skipped some bits of the plot too as it felt like it jumped a fair bit, but its a demo what do you expect. So can’t wait to get the actual game to find out more.

Saying that there were a few things in the demo that I’m a little unsure about.

Firstly the interface, I did like the Dragon Age Origins interface a lot, it was pretty and the menus had some feeling to them.

Dragon Age 2 however it’s… well….

I don’t mind the small menu bar down the side as to be honest the menu bar in Origins did sometimes get in the way at the top of the screen. However I’m unsure about the rather huge character pictures and health bars (particularly the health bars). They feel rather intrusive. I can see why they’ve done it, in Origins then the health bars weren’t that obvious and so sometimes characters could very quickly drop dead before you’d realised. This way I guess the health bars are more in your face, you can see when someone needs to take a health potion or needs a healing spell. But I’m not sure I like it. Also the messages that update your journal and codex also seem to be larger and take up more screen space.

I’m not sure about the actual menu screens either, they just.. I dunno I feel like it would work for a futuristic game, like Mass Effect (and they do remind me a lot of the Mass Effect 2 screens), but I’d have liked something fancier looking for a fantasy game like DA (like how they look in Origins).

It also looks like they’ve simplified quite a lot of the game. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they did this for Mass Effect 2, and I actually liked that a lot, I didn’t have to hassle with managing my inventory, and while there were less abilities they were good abilities so that didn’t matter.  But I am slightly unsure over how they’ve simplified DA2. You no longer seem to have skills any more which suggests they’ve taken out the ability to make potions or pick pockets. Now I guess you don’t need these things and I suppose managing ingredients to make potions does make things slightly more complex but it was kind of fun.

This was only the demo, which is probably why things are so much more noticeable when all you can really do is fight and there’s not much story to lose yourself in yet. Bioware games tend to have excellent story lines and characters so I know it will be good there, and I really can’t wait till March 11th when it’s out!

I guess the point is I really liked Origins a lot, the game play, the look and feel, the story etc. and I’m slightly worried that DA2 might disappoint me ever so slightly in the look and feel department. 😦


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