Mysterious Present & Warhammer 40K

So I got my Mysterious Extra Christmas Present today. I’m quite excited:

Luckily it’s just for wall decoration so it’s not HUGE, but this will potentially (when I get around to it) be my first ever quilt. πŸ™‚ Although I might need to get some more sewing stuff like an embroidery hoop, and some quilters thread.. (I have no idea what that means, hows is that different to normal thread) and a quilting needle (again… how is this different to a normal needle?). Of course before I need those things I need to cut out and put everything together, which means I need rotary cutter.

Also in other Warhammer 40k related news, our local GW is doing their own take of a tale of 4 gamers. If no one has ever read a Games Workshop magazine, this is where 4 people choose an army and paint it all up in a specific time frame. Our local shop is doing this to try and motivate people into getting their army’s painted. Which is what I sorely need as I have pretty much a usable Blood Angles army (almost just need to finish building 1 or two honour guard) that are not painted. (I also have some Warhammer Chaos that need to be finished too, but the challenge is for 40k armies.) So the challenge for this first month is to paint a HQ and 2 troop choices in at least 3 different colours, handily for Space Marines troops come with a min of 5 models. Now while I do actually almost have 10 troop models painted from two different squads (thus mostly filling what I need to do.). Hopefully I will be able to paint a few more than that which would be good. (Also not like normal space marines aren’t hard to paint!)Β  Although what is making me nervous is painting the shading on the camo I’ve got on my scouts. Thats going to be fiddly! Anyway once I’ve got some more painted there shall be pictures. πŸ™‚


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