My New Toy

So I’ve been wanting a mixer for quite a while. Why? Because it’s bloody hard work creaming butter and sugar together by hand. I’m also not very good at it, I have made a cake where it came out and the only taste of it was Dense. That’s right I managed to make a dense flavoured cake. So for the longest time and especially now I want to do more baking I wanted a mixer. I did consider a hand mixer but that just seemed fiddly, having to put it down to add the next ingredient. also I’m sure it’d get heavy in your hand after a while. So a mixer it had to be, and what I really wanted was one of those fancy ones that you see on shows like Nigella or Rachel Allan, however those ones are expensive! Around the £400 mark. I’m really not sure what you’re paying for there!  I also wanted to get it from John Lewis because me and C still have wedding vouchers for there. (C was perfectly happy with me spending vouchers on this because it means he benefits from getting yummy food.) However all the ones from John Lewis were above the £300 which was just a bit insane. But then as I was browsing the web on boxing day (hoping I could take advantage of the sales) I found one! Well actually I found it on Curry’s first but John Lewis and their we shall not be beaten on price meant it was the same price there. Yay!!

Now looking online I assumed this thing was just a mixer, and deciding that I didn’t really want to faff about with getting it delivered. So we went to John Lewis. (I figured it might be a little heavy to carry so C came along to take it home, which also meant I could hit the sales..) The box was a lot larger than I thought it would be. (Though you can’t really tell from this picture.)

Apparently it’s not a ‘Mixer’ it’s a Kitchen Machine. The device itself comes with a whisk, a k-beater and a dough hook, well that’s fine seems normal, it also comes with a cover for the mixing bowl (so things like flour don’t explode out the bowl) and a blender. Wait what? A blender? Yup!

Also if you look at the slightly crappy picture below there are a lot of extra accessories you can get for this. Paster rollers, pepper mills, things to cut vegetables. etc etc. Its pretty impressive but I doubt I’ll need them.

And here is the beast.

My first mixer, it was great to have it mix stuff together while I prepared say the next egg to go in, or measured out what was needed next. ^_^



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