Review: Tron Legacy

So I went to see Tron Legacy the other day with friends, and I do think that having to pay extra to see it in 3D wasn’t really worth it. Some scenes (the ones in the real world) aren’t in 3D at all, which does make sense, but the scenes in the Grid, which were in 3D, didn’t really benefit that much from it. There were a few bits where a person would ‘pop’ out slightly but not really that many. So far Avatar is the only other movie I’ve seen in 3D and to be honest, even though the plot is very silly in that, the 3D was much much better, you got the foliage and the holographic computers popping out at you.

I also think in terms of plot it wasn’t great, it is just a story about a boy and a girl. Not nearly as intricate as the plot for Tron.  It also wasn’t really that funny, there were bits where it was clearly trying to be funny, but wasn’t.  The original Tron is a lot sillier and funnier in places. There were a few homages to Tron, but I must admit I didn’t get them until afterwards when we were eating and discussing the movie.

Saying all that I did really enjoy it! Tron really benefits from modern graphics and it was just fantastic to see all the tanks and bikes and such with good graphics. I also love the fact that the suits they used actually had lights in them, they weren’t computer generated. I think it’s definitely a movie that people who have seen and love the original Tron will enjoy. As I walked into the toilets after the movie, and I’m pretty sure someone said ‘So who wanted to see that?’, I don’t think they were old enough to have seen the original.

I think I had more to say on this but it is now half 12am on New Years Day and I’m tired.

So I’m going to give this movie 3.5/5.  I don’t think it’s quite worth 4 but  it’s Tron and it’s Pretty!!!


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