Christmas 2010

So the other day it was Christmas! πŸ™‚ (Yes I’m sorry I cannot think of a more original title… ) Unfortunately it didn’t snow. Although I think there was some snow still sitting around, so… you might be able to call it a white Christmas? For some reason me and C woke up stupidly early this year, ten to 6. Which ok if you’re a kid is not that stupidly early but not really what you do when your older. Neither of us are quite sure why we woke up. So we decided to open the stocking pressis.

There was a nice mix of things, we got a book light each to clip onto books, (should actually try that out and see how good it is) we also got a bottle of sauce each (as seen in picture below), I also got some templates for quilting (exciting!) and something which took me a while to figure out what it was. You can see it in the second picture, it’s a VERY cute sewing needle holder πŸ˜€ now I just need to get a better collection of sewing needles to fill it with. There was also chocolate, and a book.

And finally there was also this, what is it you ask?

It appears to be chocolate on a stick.

Look here is mug of hot milk

Some rigorous stirring later and look! Hot chocolate!

I have to say that we both thought this hot chocolate was very yummy, but at the same time you have to stir it quite a lot to get that chocolate to melt, and the milk was steaming when I bought it out of the microwave, maybe it needed to be even hotter.

Then much later (just before 2 I think) it was time for lunch, we’d all decided to have pork this year. C doesn’t like turkey, I’m not a huge fan and mum and dad both agreed that chicken was a bit boring, so we decided to go for pork with our Yorkshire puds and roast potatoes instead.Β  It was seriously yummy. My mum also experimented with making an apricot chutney, THAT was a very very good experiment. She ended up making 2 jars of the stuff. Which was quite fortunate, seeing as we consumed pretty much all of one jar on Xmas day, which meant we did have more for boxing day. It was a lot more tasty than the apple sauce she’d gotten from Sainsbury’s, and went pretty well with the beef had on boxing day.

Once we were all fat from lunch, (I don’t think I ate quite as much as I did last year, I remember feeling quite ill last year!) it was time to open the presents under the Christmas Tree.

I got quite a few books, as well as these two I also got Buffy series 8 Vol 4 (erm.. I should get around to reading vol 3 really! Some Buffy fan I am!)

Ahh quilt books to go with the templates. πŸ™‚ And more sewing books. (Now I should really think about getting some fabrics!)

C also bought me seasons 1&2 of Dollhouse, which I know has had some bad reviews but at the same time I do want to watch it.

I also got, and C gave a very pained groan when I opened this, the boxset of Xena. I was mega excited when I opened this, I will finally get to watch ALL of Xena, (I’ve never seen that much of S4 and 5).Β  I’ll probably have to watch most of this when C is doing other things, as he thinks it is very very silly, and really does not want to watch it. I however cannot wait! Also finally I will have all the episodes of season one IN THE RIGHT ORDER!!! Yes thats right when they first released Xena on DVD they did NOT put the episodes in the right order. How do I know this? Because you can tell from what Gabrielle is wearing, when she keeps jumping between her original outfit and the one she gets after the Amazons episode. So even though I have recently watched S1 of Xena, I am now watching it again, and I have to say some throwaway comments that Gabrielle makes at times, make so much more sense now I’m seeing the episodes in the RIGHT order(!)

I also apparently have a mystery present, which will apparently arrive at some point. I suspect it’s late because of all that snow we had, but I wonder what it is! Exciting!

We finished the day by watching the TV most importantly Doctor Who. πŸ˜€ I think Matt Smith may be the best Doctor ever, more importantly I really love how Stephen Moffat does Doctor Who, he has so much more fun with time travel, and things aren’t as in your face as the Russell T Davis stuff. Can NOT wait till the new season later in 2011!!

I Hope everyone else had a good day! πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Christmas 2010

  1. Toddy

    sounds fab! What was the extra mystery pressie?

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