Polar Bear!

So… ages ago I believe I posted that I’d bought and received an Xmas decoration kit, I finally got around to getting at least one of the 3 decorations done last weekend. (I made a start on the 2nd.. but it’s taking much longer than I anticipated so I guess I’ll have all 3 by next year.)

I decided to go for Mr Polar Bear first as he seemed the simplest.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear 1

Polar Bear 2

I think he’s looking a bit confused here!

Polar Bear 3

Almost done!

Polar Bear 4

The finished bear!

Finished Polar Bear

This took me a quite a few hours, and I will confess that there was a point where I thought I’d finished, I popped him on the tree and then the next day I was like ‘hang on where is his scarf! he will get cold without it! oh noes!’ and thus down he had to come till I’d done his scarf.



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5 responses to “Polar Bear!

  1. catconnor

    He’s adorable!

  2. motodraconis

    He totally needed a scarf! What were these Xmas decoration people thinking to leave him bare-necked, (or indeed, bear-necked) in the cold.

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