Masterchef Live 2010

So (finally get to post this! As I hadn’t been able to get pictures on pc due to NaNo and just having no time.) had an event at work back in September and the group that I was in ended up winning. (I was amazed I’ve never won anything in years!) We then got to pick our prize by selecting an envelope at random, and what did I get? Two free tickets to Masterchef Live.. AWESOME!  I love watching Masterchef so it was quite exciting to be able to go. I very impatiently waited until November.

It was very exciting when we got there, as lots of stalls allow you to taste some of the food, so we tried many exciting things. Although it was a bit weird to try some toffee and the next second to eat some Chorizo. C tried a buffalo hot dog, which was quite yummy (I stole a bite) but it was very rich and the amount he had was about all he could handle. Later I tried a wild boar hot dog, and that too was very yummy though did pretty much just taste like pig.. which is not surprising.

I also ended up trying a raw oyster. (I thought I might as well seeing as we were there.) I was a bit dubious when I was handed the oyster, it looked huge, and your supposed to pretty much just throw your head back and swallow what’s inside. I’m quite a small person… this seemed a daunting task.  I put some lemon on (wish i’d added some tobasco source really) and then attempted to do that. And when I say attempted that’s way I mean. I got a mouth full of seawater before I got any oyster, seawater went everywhere and eventually I got to the oyster. I must confess I was not impressed, it was very chewy and yeah all i could taste was seawater. Not very pleasant.

So we ended up wondering around looking at all the yummy things and also went to the wine show once that opened and tried quite a few wines. I have discovered that I don’t like Pinot Noir.

Some photo’s from the show:

Masterchef2010_03 Masterchef2010_08 Masterchef2010_10 Masterchef2010_11 Masterchef2010_12

The horde:
Masterchef2010_16Masterchef2010_18 Masterchef2010_22

Our very fancy knife set that we bought! You can get things for trade prices at the show, which is well worth it for some seriously good quality stuff… like a 3 knife set that are 66 times folded steel. Either made in Korea or Japan I think, can’t remember what the guy said, but as you can see in the bottom phto they are all sighed, it says Ziganof and also a signature of the person who made it. These things just cut through potatoes like butter!



Fancy mustard and caviare


I’ve only tried the Mocha Orange coffee so far, it… I must say smells better than it tasted.


Yummy vanilla!


Super hot peanuts!

The peanuts came with a warning!



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  1. Kym

    I also won a ticket to the show. It sounds as though you really enjoyed it. 🙂

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