Party Time

(This post is both cloth and hair related so might be a little boring for some! Just to warn you!) So this year, for the first time ever I got to go to a company Xmas party. The reason I haven’t been to one before? Because my last job was in the public sector, do you really think they had the money to throw a party? The most we did was go out for an extended lunch at a restaurant. Which of course we paid for. This time though, a club was hired, and hair dressers bought in to help us girls get our hair to fit the theme, which was Mad Men. I didn’t really decide what I was going to wear until pretty much Tuesday. I had thought I’d wear a skirt and a top which would look passably 1950s, but then i discovered that my top has somehow got pen stains on it. (GAH?! How am I EVER going to get that out? Cause I’ve got another top now that I can wear either with pen marks on it) Anyway while googling I hit upon Audrey Hepburn, and her Breakfast at Tiffany’s look. (I didn’t think about when the film was made.) And it occurred to me that I did have a dress, one that I wear to interviews, which could pass for that black dress, (albeit I think her’s was floor length and mine is only knee length) then I just had to go to Accessorise buy some arm length black satin gloves, and jewellery that could pass as pearls. Then once I’d purchased said stuff, I thought, hang on a minute isn’t Mad Men 1950s? Just when was Breakfast at Tiffany’s set? A quick check of IMDB revealed 1961. Damn. Luckily I was reassured that I could probably a) get away with it and b) that Mad Men is set end of the 50s start of 60s so I was ok. (Also I do know that Mad Men is supposed to be good, just never had a chance to actually watch it.)

Thus I got my hair done up in an updo, which I think looked absolutely fantastic, I loved it. (Sorry for the crappy pictures). The hairdresser used a crap load of bobby pins and I swear after every bobby pin he used there was another long spray of hair spray. Someone mentioned afterwards that when they were getting their hair done apparently he’d run out of hairspray, probably because he used it ALL on my hair!!

When I got the dress on though I was a little unsure as it looked very 1960s, but with the addition of ‘pearl’ necklace, bracelet and earrings and the gloves.. well MUCH more glamorous!!

I had a fun time at the party (free food, free booze and fun company) and left at about 11, because a) I was tired and b) the bus I needed was not a night bus.

Once I got home the very last thing I did before going to bed was to take out my hair. I wish I didn’t have to, I wish I could do that hair style myself. I seriously loved the look. And at least I know now that I can probably pull of an Audrey Hepburn look (assuming I can find someone to do my hair!)

The only downer is that looking through the company photo’s today there  is only one of me, and because of all the smoke from the club you can’t really see it very well. 😦 Just annoys me that I was all dressed up and I haven’t really got anything to show hubby. 😦

Anyway here are some not very good photo’s of my hair.













And here are all the bobby pins that were in my hair!! Doesn’t look that many there but that was a good handful of them!


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