So much to do…

I have a lot of things to do at the moment, perhaps I need to work out a schedule to do it?

1. Finish writing the missing scenes from my NaNoWriMo novel so that I at least have a finished first draft that I can send to people to read.

2. Find people to read said novel

3. Finish the short story that I started writing on the day that I completed the 50k words for NaNo.

4. Make those Xmas decorations that I bought. (Preferably BEFORE Xmas >_<)

5. Sew on the Zip to a cardigan that I finished knitting MONTHS AGO. (Preferably soon as it’s cold!)

6. Finish my mum’s birthday present (that was back in August!)

7. Paint some more of my warhammer stuff!! (Not touched that since before October.)

8. Sort out my photos for blog posts I should have done for October and November.

(Noticing a pattern here?)

9. Purchase fabric to make the bag pattern that I bought ages ago. (And made a tester for which leads on to…)

10. Decorate said test bag that I made. (It’s all boring and beige.)

11. Finish Fable 3 >_< (I have stared both 1 and 2 and never actually finished them… lets not do the same with 3 now that I’m half way through it.)

12. Plug in my hard drive that has all our game saves on….. Cause I’d like to play more Dragon Age (also have to purchase and finish all the DLC and Awakenings before DA2!)

*sigh* I’m sure there is more….


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