NaNoWriMo Update

So I think I said I’d write a bit more re NaNoWriMo and here it is, like I said I finished on Saturday (YAY) and I haven’t actually looked at what I’ve written or added anything to it since then. Just taking a break for the moment I may actually write some more tonight. I had a big issue in that I had the first half of the story and I had the second half but I had a really tenuous link between the two. I have after discussing the plot with a few people last night at my local bookshops writing group now found a way to link them. I’ll need to re-write a few scenes a little but it should work. Even before that I knew that there were a few scenes that I still needed to write. So makes me wonder how many more words I’ll have once I’ve finished the first draft. Of course then I’ll have to start on the editing and I think there will be a lot of that. I’m pretty sure I have a lot of plot holes, I’m going to have to get some people to just read the first draft I think and tell me what they think/offer suggestions.

The question is though how do I feel the whole process went? It was fun to begin with, and I had a hard slog in week 2 or so (I still had a lot of scenes that I needed to write but at the same time the story started to turn out a bit different to how I was anticipating so I had to think about the order and new scenes. By the last week though I was enjoying it and excited to be nearly done but at the same time I have pretty much done nothing else this month. I have other hobbies, but I’ve barley done any knitting (and I have quite a few projects I’d like to finish, or been able to read any of the rather long list of books I have to read (maybe I’ll catch up over the Xmas hols) nor have I been able to start making those Xmas ornaments I bought. So perhaps now I can possibly start to balance out all the things I want to do!

It does mean however that I’m currently unsure if I’ll do this again next year. I may well, I’ll have fogotten all the hassle I had of not being able to do that much and remember the achievement I felt at hitting 50k (I hope) but I don’t know. Guess we’ll see!


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